Media Unit 1 - LO1a
The Descent - Narrative Structure
Equilibrium: Sarah and her friends are rafting. Her daughter and hus...
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Narrative Structure: The Descent

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Narrative Structure: The Descent

  • 1. Media Unit 1 - LO1a The Descent - Narrative Structure Equilibrium: Sarah and her friends are rafting. Her daughter and husband are watching her. Typical family life for Sarah and her family. Disruption: They drive home and uncareful driving leads to a car crash and a pipe impaling the husband and daughter. Recognition: Sarah wakes up and she’s now in the hospital. Reaction: She runs to the other end of the corridor in a dream sequence, then wakes back into reality and finds out from her friends and hospital staff that her daughter and husband are dead. Restoration of equilibrium: She accepts the loss and grieves. One year later, and we see her with her friends again. They stay in a lodge in the USA and descends into a cave. Disruption: They get lost and the cave collapses, nearly collapsing on Sarah. They are blocked from leaving the cave through the hole they went through. Recognition: Juno reveals that the cave is unknown to any rescue teams. Reaction: Everyone is mad at Juno, particularly worrying about Sarah. They devise a way to escape the cave. Restoration of equilibrium: They start trying to get to their goal of escaping the cave. Disruption: Holly finds an “escape”, however she falls and breaks and impales her leg at the same time. Recognition: One of the girls ask Holly if she is okay, and then goes down to rescue her. Reaction: The group makes an effort to temporarily cure Holly’s leg, except for Sarah, possibly due to her memories of the car crash. Restoration of equilibrium: Holly’s leg is temporarily cured, she can’t put any weight on it. The group continues their plan to escape. Disruption: Sarah finds something resembling a person, but it is in fact a creature known as a “crawler” that attacks the group. Holly has her throat ripped out and Beth gets stabbed by Juno (by accident) Recognition: Sarah finds Beth, about to die, and Beth requests to be euthanised due to her injury. Reaction: Sarah doesn’t want to euthanise Beth, but she knows it’s the right thing to do. Restoration of equilibrium: Sarah euthanises Beth, and grieves over the loss of her and Molly and continues the goal of escaping the cave. Disruption: Sarah is separated from the rest of the group. Recognition: Sarah becomes aware of her separation. Reaction: She plans a way back to her group. Restoration of equilibrium: Sarah starts to find a way to Juno, Sam and Rebecca Disruption: Sam and Rebecca are attacked by crawlers while Sarah finds her way back. Recognition: Juno is aware that they are being attacked. Reaction: Juno attacks the crawlers however she fails. Sam and Rebecca are dead. Restoration of equilibrium: Juno accepts this loss and returns to the original plan of going. Sarah returns to Juno, knowing about what had happened to Beth. Disruption: She becomes angry at Juno for being with her husband and killing Beth. Recognition: Juno is clearly aware that Sarah is angry. Reaction: Sarah stabs Juno with the tool used to kill Beth. Restoration of equilibrium: Sarah manages to escape the cave... or does she? Jarad Tansley - Unit 1 LO1a! Page 1