Setting up National Innovation Council.
One of the NDA govt. priority should be in setting up National Innovation Council...
A small invention from rural India can change the lives of millions and even our economy.
Let us talk about how National ...
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Setting up National Innovation Council in India

There is an urgent need in setting national innovation council in India to improve innovation, ensure the innovator get benefit of patent, necessary skill, opportunity, reduce gap between innovation - production - manufacturing garnering innovation quickly. Govt. role should be as facilitator in getting patent, innovation make industry friendly, further R&D , financial and other support, create industry ready. Both govt. and industries will get direct benefit on this. Innovation and skill make a paradigm shift in India's growth in manufacturing, services by simplifying life of common citizen.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Setting up National Innovation Council. One of the NDA govt. priority should be in setting up National Innovation Council. National Council should have State and District Innovation Centres. The major function is to identify, promote new innovation/ invention from individuals, company and synergizing with industry. District Collector will be head of District Innovation Centre. There are many rural innovation which goes unnoticed and copied by other countries/ person and patented in their name. Many new invention stole from India and made in the name of individual/ corporation and other institutions name. That can be prevented. Recently there was a news item a boy from Kerala, unsuccessful in study just passed 9th std. made several invention like anti-collision device to avoid train accident which is can be made with very few thousand rupees instead of expensive technology, he also invented 2200 km range telescope which can be monitored through television very closely by spending few hundreds of rupees. The boy have financial constraint and cannot develop further. The low cost invention can change the lives of peoples of India including saving thousands of lives. The elitist scientific community or govt. or any institution supporting such invention because they want status quo everywhere to do corruption and use expensive technology or face problem. Like superstition, the fake scientist also a threat to the nation and the people at large. The real invention which is beneficial to large public interest and economical never promoted and instead they are discouraged through the propaganda machinery created by fake scientist who often interested in benefiting and protecting corporate interest and corrupt babus. We better know how a man named Ramar invented Biofuel which can run any vehicle which is much cheaper than petrol. The same petrol engine can be used by using this biofuel which he himself called Ramar Petrol. The jealous scientific community come out with different theory and he falsely implemented in various cases. The oil company found him a biggest threat and he discharged by various ways, entire state and machinery involved and scandalized his invention as fake despite scientifically proven. There are many such stories like a women invented black box similar to Black box fitted in Airlines. The same black box can be fitted in any vehicle which will be video recorded every action and monitor on 24x7 basis uninterruptedly. The same invention didn’t get much support from auto manufacturers and it died at infant stage itself with not much progress. Now govt. talking about nuclear power and nuclear technology. But handling and disposing nuclea waste is a big challenge. It need enormous amount in hundred of billion dollar. More than buying fuel, govt. have to spend billions of dollars in waste disposal management. You will be surprised to note on 1/200th of cost an Indian ready to provide a solution. But politics and fake scientist on top not allowing it to do this because they lose commission from abroad which they are charged more than 200 times more than the actual cost involved. There are stories like solid waste management, creating renewable energy, biofuel, recyclable products etc. which govt. don’t want to implement because of criminal corruption, govt. should have saved thousands of crores rupees if it is implemented across India and tax payers don’t have to face burden. The above example provided to throw some light how our political class managing our economy defeating and denying various innovation which could benefit billion+ population. We see cronyism everywhere and common man denying right and free access to its resources and new technology and invention by killing it in infant stage and the same invention come from abroad buy it at hundred and thousand times the cost involved and indigenous development. There is a systemic campaign and propaganda is that indigenous technology and invention is inferior than western technology which is quite untrue considering the cost factor and easy access and benefit. Hence the NDA under Narendra Modiji, should have understood the need for setting up National Innovation Council to synergize local invention to streamline main industry and other diverse field.
  • 2. A small invention from rural India can change the lives of millions and even our economy. Let us talk about how National Innovation Council function with national and global perspective to meet future challenges. · Irrespective of qualification, experience any invention should adopt by district innovation council and promote the person and give facilities for making further progress. Strictly age, qualification, skill gender and other things is no bar and anybody can approach and get assistance for such innovative ideas/ solutions/ invention from the nearest centre. · Giving facilities at District Innovation Centre including patenting/ copyright technology/ services in favour of inventor including nationalization/ standardization of patent/ make it open source technology through appropriate compensation to the inventor. · Co-ordinate with industry, skill development centre make it further progress in this invention to ensure mass production/ industrialization of product/ services. · Necessary guidance and financial help for start up incubator companies with new technology/ invention and to ensure national and global reach. · Those used help in product patenting/ national/ state/ district innovation centre should be patented through these centres and part of the govt. goes to govt. or goes it open source to create more sustainable model. · These innovation centre work as a facilitator between industry, innovator, govt. rather than regulator and controller and also ensure that the innovator/ inventor get proper support and guidance in an unbiased manner without any politics and ensure that nobody steam his/her invention/ technology and patent with other name. Hence some secrecy and ethics should be maintained with proper security and monitoring. · From time to time, these innovation centre should upkeep, maintain record of innovator with video/audio/ digital format to avoid stealing technology and the real inventor cans take a claim in future. · IITs/ IIMs/ Industry, ITIs, Polytechnics, Skill Development Centre should have tie up with these innovation development centre which will co-ordinate, work together and find best and quick solution. · Certificates/ recognition should be made for such invention in the individual/group favour. · District Collector and other senior functionaries oversee the functioning of these centres for providing legal, financial and other assistance. · Help to absorb into industry the inventor irrespective of their qualification/ experience for better livelihood and encourage such invention which Industry/ govt. find helpful. · Team of expert from diverse field/ technical experts, scientific, industry, academic should be member of National Innovation Council and visit and make presentation on various subjects periodically. Any other suggestion/ recommendation as the Prime Minister and other experts deem fit and proper in the interest of public at large. Invention/ innovation has no religion which needed to be promoted for equality and equal rights. In the next 10 years, India should be superior in technology and new invention if NDA under NaMo fully support and prioritise. On priority basis, and showcasing NDA’s 100 days achievement, this project should also be included to save the nation and light up millions through rural innovation and part of the lost cost solution which can ensure accessibility and affordability in the interest of common man.

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