Setting up National Skill Development.
First and foremost, the Government’s priority should be to provide skill developme...
· On successful completion of each module, certificate of particular module and technical skill of particular profession s...
· Tie-up with industry in providing skills and apprenticeship courses.
· Annual Trade shows on new technology, equipments...
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National skill development

It is regarding National Skill Development and the need for providing skills and setting up National skill development with state and district and village level. India have the benefit of Human Resources and we need to better utilised by improving our skill at all level. The idea is to make them employable, creating opportunity, competitiveness, ensure affordable and accessible goods and services at all level when we increase service, manufacturing and agriculture sector. Youngsters have huge opportunity in abroad if they have skills developed. To make India, made in India, make them skill scale and speed govt. and corporate sector need to provide skills based training and know how including improving their soft skill to ensure that they get employment anywhere, anytime.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National skill development

  • 1. Setting up National Skill Development. First and foremost, the Government’s priority should be to provide skill development to millions of unskilled population and make them skilled and employable with dedication, and independent like self employed entrepreneurs, employable to various industry, more productive thus ensuring skill, scale and speed. In many unskilled jobs, and even in skilled jobs, it is not scalable or measurable leading to productivity, high cost involvement, lack of accountability, some worker getting same wages those who are doing double the work of same nature. Hence, scalable and speed need to be measured and govt. need to come different parameters in scaling/ measuring the speed and productivity among workers. You in your speech already hinted such things, but ground work needed to be initiated. The major challenge to provide skill development to the masses including all existing semi skilled/ skilled people with modern training and latest technical and technological advantage is a great challenge. The question comes in mind now who will train the trainer? The answer is industry. It is the respective industry/ product/ services to train the masses. On specific technical skills industry should be get involved through ‘CSR’ route. Industry will train the trainer. The industry trained trainer should be deputed to skill development centre on a payment/remuneration and they will train large masses. Industry faculty sometime visit skill development centres and take stock of the situation and give necessary advice/ guidance. By using part of CSR fund, industry body will set up training centre and govt. have not much burden on such set up economically. The main function and salient feature of this National Skill Development : · In each and every district and Panchayat there should be skill development centre. · From Agriculture to all other jobs like plumbing, carpentry, tailoring, electrical, milling and many advanced jobs esp. handling/ introduction of new tools, tackles, machineries, its use and increasing productivity, latest techniques, technology etc. should be introduced on a particular job. · All age group should be accommodated and there will be no age bar. · Short term course with flexibility timing with just 2 hours a day should be enough and different module from basic to level IV and V (higher module training should be made available at district HQ or selected centre only), those who opting for higher skill development.
  • 2. · On successful completion of each module, certificate of particular module and technical skill of particular profession should be made available. The training should be absolute free and those want skill development get 3-4 profession and additional profession for single person and additional skill/ professional training should be charged nominally. · Advantage for industry is that their product/ service can be introduced and show case how better their product and how it is effectively used on various jobs ensure guarantee, safety, security, cost effectiveness and many other things. · India going to create a manufacturing hub for the world, skilled labour is much required. MSME sector, big industry get ready to employ large pool of skilled labour force having multiple skill and knowledge in the respective field. This will increase production, reduce cost on manufacturing, ensure better quality control etc. It will be a win-win for both govt. as well as industries and also will ensure better growth of MSME sector. · Those who engaged in MSME sector should also get specialized training, technical know-how, encourage open source technology and reduce bureaucratic hurdle. · “Skills on Wheel”: To reach out rural and semi urban India with specialized group conduct camps and reach out through specially designed bus with tools, tackles and experts to show case the skills to rural masses in diverse field. The bus/van get sponsor and get advt. which will take care of the expenses involved. On the other hand, if it is a big industry sponsoring, the ad. Space is enough to reach the masses to know their product/ services and to show case they are doing CSR through skill development. Big brand through CSR route and garner sympathy and public support and to better understand the local issues and demand can be studied well. · The administration grant permission and facilitate in organizing locals, giving space like open ground/ hall and other facilities which is needed free of cost and it should be made mandatory to facilitate such things. · Allot more vocational courses, Vocational Higher Secondary Schools, ITIs, skill development centres for both skilled and unskilled professionals helping to go abroad. · Changes in School, college curriculum and redesign professional courses to get deep understand and simplify the method by adopting new method in line with Chinese and Japanese Curriculum at school, college level and professional course to increase scientific temper as well as technical know how and improve practical and professional skills and knowledge on electronics, technology and other areas to ensure easy and fast grasping the techniques from childhood only.
  • 3. · Tie-up with industry in providing skills and apprenticeship courses. · Annual Trade shows on new technology, equipments, products, services along with Inter-school, inter college, professional body competition on various skills on skill, scale and speed on various profession and involve with professional sports to encourage masses to participate to show interesting in developing their own skills. Leading professionals and industry body can create such professional body to conduct sport activity. · Need to develop video and audio based curriculum esp. in professional courses to understand better and deep rather than studying more theory. Video conferencing can also widely used from skill training centre there is less professionals required and avoid frequent and personal visit. Govt. already initiated digitization profess and it can be easily achieved. · Last but not the least to achieve complete digitization result and benefit to the masses computer literacy, software skills, mode,method and manner of operation should be taught to the masses free of cost and an illiterate could easily operate mobile banking, internet operation, and to get various govt. services should be taught. · Some self employed and individuals should get specialized training on various govt. sites, method of operation to ensure quick and easy access to the masses so that after completion of digitization programme, people don’t need to run pillar to post to get the services. This will generate employment and digital literacy to the masses to be the govt. priority. During UPA regime, babus used to say go to internet café and search, and it was a very difficult situation to get the things done and people started cursping govt. for digital process and spending lots of money to get digital literate person to get a small piece of paper. Such things should not happen. Hope in the days to come there is a clear Modi-fication in skill development creating more professionals in this country and India should be a world’s manufacturing basket by giving best skilled people as well as best technology at cheaper and affordable cost to the world. Let us make India proud and hold our head high and be a proud Indian.

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