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Napoleon fireplace the hearth of a green home

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Napoleon fireplace the hearth of a green home

  • 1. Napoleon Fireplace: The Hearth of a Green Home The call to go green by various non-profit organizations is not only a call to conscience but a call to obligation. Think about it. The planet earth has so far existed and will continue to exist for billions of years. Yet, the human species have only been around for the past 200,000 years, give or take. So if going green is more than a movement to save mother earth. It is basically a movement to extend human life on earth. We all have heard about how natural disasters have been directly incurred by climate change. And with all that has happened, referencing the 9.0 magnitude Earthquake in Japan and the spontaneous volcanic eruptions worldwide, one is bound to be figuratively blind if still no compulsion to act is realized. Though, it is highly improbable that all of us will automatically leave all non- green habits that we have accustomed ourselves to for years in the name of the green crusade. We can still manage to contribute. Even kids from selectedparts in the United States are asking their moms to just let them use the bus or go to school on foot. This initiative actuallylessens carbon emissions. And practically burns calories that these kids have taken over breakfast (hurray!). Now, parents andthe government can worry less about American children going obese. See, going green entails multiple benefits for a lot ofstakeholders. Are you feeling cold on most winter nights and would want to becomforted by your conventional fireplace? For a typical fireplace, mostits produced heat is emitted straight up to the chimney withapproximately 24,000 cubic feet or air per hour. Napoleon fireplacescan provide you with a gas napoleon fireplace that is 70% moreefficient than an ordinary fireplace. Having a napoleon fireplace istechnically convenient as it only needs a gas valve to work. At thesame time enjoy the warmth that napoleon fireplaces can provide.With a napoleon fireplace, you can choose to go direct vent or vent-free. All the air needed for combustion would come from outside, witha direct vent napoleon fireplace. This means that heat would be morecontained within your house as the inside air is not going to be disturbed. As for the ventilation, it can go outside through a sidewall.And if you would want to go vent-free with napoleon fireplaces, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a chimney too. Also,a vent-free napoleon fireplace can let you know when oxygen levels are getting too low for safety thus shuts the system ofthrough an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS). Thereby showing that vent-free napoleon fireplaces can be 99.99% efficient. Withgas-induced napoleon fireplaces, you can enjoy the traditional joys of having a fireplace. You can now create a family orintimate bonding around napoleon fireplaces during a cold winter night. Or just enjoy the yuletide season by hanging socksaround your own napoleon fireplace. Remember, there are a lot ways to save the earth and sustain human relationships. Youcan choose to start within your living room and probably work on that fireplace.

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