Why You Should Permanently Utilize A Pool CoverOwning your own swimming pool is an excellent way to relax and get some val...
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Why You Should Permanently Utilize A Pool Cover

If you are heating your pool and not covering it you are wasting energy and costing yourself money. This article explains why and what you need to do about it.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Why You Should Permanently Utilize A Pool CoverOwning your own swimming pool is an excellent way to relax and get some valuableexercise. It is also fantastic for hanging out with relatives and friends. Many peoplehave found that it is possible to significantly improve the comfort of your pool and theusable season by adding a heater and you are able to buy very efficient pool/spaheating equipment to make this happen. However, if a pool/spa is heated and is leftuncovered this is similar to chucking money in the trash because you will be wasting agreat deal of energy.The majority of the heat lost by a swimming pool is the result of evaporation, this isvery important anywhere but especially if the pool/spa is open to the wind. The speedof evaporation from an outdoor pool depends on a number of issues. The first of theseis the temperature of the water. Water will evaporate at any temperature but the rateincreases as the temperature increases. The same applies to the temperature of theair and therefore the warmer it is the greater issue heat loss will be. The level ofhumidity is also a factor, the greater the level of moisture in the air the slower therate of evaporation will be. Lastly wind is a major factor. Wind blows the water vaporjust above the water away allowing the formation of more. The stronger the wind thebigger the effect.Wind is a problem you are able to tackle with trees/shrubs or creating somealternative type of windbreak. Yet, whilst this may help reduce the problem of heatloss, it wont resolve it. When you raise the temperature of your pool waterevaporation is going to be a problem in all locations. Consequently you must have apool cover that operates to minimize contact between the water and the atmosphere.These products can be low-cost or expensive, manual or motorised but theyre goingto all significantly lower your heating costs.A small drawback is the fact that a pool cover will reduce solar gain (absorption ofenergy from the sun by the water) but not all covers are the same and you need tothink about this whilst purchasing. Notwithstanding this it best to keep the pool coverin place whenever the pool isnt being used.Using a pool cover gives a few supplementary advantages. It lowers the necessity totop up your chemicals, reduces the requirement to frequently add water plus,obviously, it maintains the swimming pool clear of debris. And therefore if you own aheater for your pool, or are considering acquiring one, ensure that you buy a goodcover for your pool.

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