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Nantong Rising

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nantong Rising

  • 1. A GLOBAL LEADER IN CASTING INNOVATION *P&H®, Peterbuilt® and PacerStacktrain® are marks of their respective Corporations. Nantong Rising is not an authorized repair facility of nor does it have an affiliation with these corporations. These images are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by these corporations of Nantong Rising www.nantongrising.com OFFSHORE” INGENUITY AND COST WITH “RESHORE” SUPERVISION AND QUALITY! Nantong Rising is a large alloy steel foundry located in Nantong China outside of Shanghai. We specialize in steel castings for the heavy haulage rail, mining, on highway trucking and material handling industries. The majority of the foundry production is exported to various countries around the world including the US, Australia and countries in Europe. We are in the final stages of construction on a significant expansion which will increase the final output capacity to over 40,000 tons annually, and add ductile iron capabilities. This 400,000 square foot expansion will eventually incorporate all the existing foundry production and eliminate the existing facility. The manufacturing campus includes full machining capabilities, complete heat treat and differential hardening facilities along with all destructive mechanical and NDT testing capabilities. The new foundry is one of the largest “American” foundries built in China. It is being constructed with the latest US and European environmental standards in mind. This state of the art foundry will feature high production molding lines capable of volume production as well as the capability to produce large one off parts up to 15 tons each making Rising the most versatile foundry around. Nantong Rising also makes available to its customers Metal Products Interlink (MPI). MPI provides independent third party management of your castings from order management, expediting and quality assurance to be sure all of the inspection and testing is done and documented to satisfy the most stringent quality demands. Regardless if you are with Nantong Rising or somewhere else in Asia purchasing castings, MPI provides boots on the ground service to ensure the customers interests are the priority. ` Operating to the strictest controls and standards the foundry is ISO-9000 quality systems registered and is in compliance with a number of additional industry standards. Consistent monitoring and auditing of procedures and processes and the assessment and trend analysis of test results ensures very high quality yields and on time delivery of your products. With the ability to meet all your finished casting requirements, Rising will prove to be a valuable partner for your immediate needs as well as a long term source for high quality castings in the future.

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