September 17, 2015
I am writing to recommend John Wesley Smith for a position within your organization. I
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Nancy McCallum LOR

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. September 17, 2015 I am writing to recommend John Wesley Smith for a position within your organization. I have worked with John Wesley Smith for over two years in a busy purchasing office at a Texas governmental agency. Mr. Smith and I have collaborated on several projects ofhigh political and financial profile, he as Historically Underutilized Business program coordinator and I as purchasing project manager. In this work, I continue to have the pleasure to observe John Wesley in various capacities, and he consistently demonstrates outstanding technical and communication skills. From a technical standpoint, John Wesley Smith is solid. He completes his work on time and may be counted on to arrive early and fully prepared for any meeting. He is a calming presence, willing and able to help any proceeding run smoothly. As coordinator of a legislatively mandated initiative, John Wesley interprets laws, develops policies, establishes procedures, and disseminates programmatic requirements to both internal and external agency customers. He is further responsible for monitoring and reporting the compliance of external customers for the statewide tracking of the initiative’s success. Mr. Smith is ever ready to present any aspect of this work, consistently reflecting attention to detail and flexibility in adjusting to the timelines of others. The work of our office is voluminous, deadline-driven, and replete with unforeseen administrative tasks, and Mr. Smith lends his professionalism to each endeavor, regardless ofbreadth. Woven through John Wesley Smith’s technical prowess are his outstanding communication skills. John Wesley is a likeable person, friendly and helpful to colleagues at all levels of the professional hierarchy. That alone is valuable in the workplace, yet Mr. Smith offers more. He is able to discern the nuances of a situation and provide what is needed, from leading a charge to lending a hand. I have observed Mr. Smith deftly explain the intrincacies of his program to a room full of executives and then quietly depart to make copies to aid a frazzled facilitator. He is unselfish in accepting kudos, typically responding that the person thanking him will likely return the favor one day. In completing his own tasks, supporting the work of others, and simultaneously demonstrating an understanding of overall arc of a mission, Mr. Smith demonstrates an inherent sense of both community and leadership, a powerful combination that affords him the drive and ability to accomplish. Reflecting the notion that how one does anything is how one does everything, John Wesley Smith’s technical and communication prowess is evident in his social life, as well. Mr. Smith is a family man dedicated to the growth and development of his children. He is committed to participating in their educational and social events, both locally and out of town. He also finds time to attend to his own growth and development through enrolling in classes in the evenings to enhance his personal and professional knowledge. A devotee of physical fitness, he even began an office fitness campaign to share his knowledge and demonstrate care for his coworkers. I urge you to strongly consider this excellent candidate for a position within your company. John Wesley Smith’s technical expertise and communication prowess will consistently serve to foster success in others and to support any mission to fruition. Mr. Smith will make a superb addition to your organization, as both member and leader. Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) - Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) - Certified Texas Purchasing Manager (CTPM) - Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) - Certified Texas Purchaser (CTP) - Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Texas at Austin - Adjunct Professor, St. Edward’s University Telephone 512-517-1577, E-mail naiicyrnccallum( ancy L. McCallum

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