A seal’s fundamental function, through visual & physical verification, is to help identify the point of liability in
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& other International customers in Southeast Asia , Europe & Latin America.
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Plastic Seal Manufacturer India

JHAS INDUSTRIES is the leading manufacturers of high quality Meter Seals and Polycarbonate Seals in India. We are serving in all parts of World.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. A seal’s fundamental function, through visual & physical verification, is to help identify the point of liability in the event of loss, damage, security breach, contamination etc. A seal often acts as a deterrent to curb opportunistic or premeditated devious behavior, which the culprit hopes will remain undetected. If the seal is damaged, the seal is missing or replaced with another seal, this will indicate that the integrity of the asset, shipment, consignment, vehicle, meter etc, has been compromised. The origin of seals dates back at least to the days of Pharaohs and Kings when official seals were carved in stone, metal or wood. The “Seal” was pressed into melted wax, used to close letters and documents while in transit by messengers. The impression of the seal in wax, if disturbed, or replaced with a forgery, would indicate to the receiver that the document had been opened or tampered. It could also be applied to seams of boxes or other items. The job of inspecting these seals often fell to a scribe or servant who knew the seal intimately and could visually detect tampering or forgery. (The modern Security Seal serves essentially the same purpose. In the late 19th and early 20th century Railways, Utilities, and Banks needed devices to detect pilfering of their assets being transported, or metered for delivery. Several companies introduced various mechanical seals to secure Rail Wagons, Meters and Bank or Postal/Courier bags. That business continues, and some of the original Indian makers of the very early seals (including Jhas Industries) are still operating today. JHAS INDUSTRIES was founded in 1949 and has its Administrative Office & facilities at Aligarh, UP, INDIA. Over the years it has grown and become remarkable suppliers of Security Seals for various Government Departments and Utilities. We recognize the value our customers place on peace of mind. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our products and our commitment to upholding the chain of custody. A comprehensive range of innovative, functional and competitively priced products are offered hand in hand with a unique supply experience. Seals are often a grudge purchase, but they can play a critically important role in your supply chain and asset control. When customers choose to deal with JHAS, they invite an unparalleled and delightful supply and support experience. It all begins with really knowing what we are doing, possessing passion and energy and having the team cohesion & functionality to execute that experience. At JHAS INDUSTRIES we have been developing innovative and user-friendly Tamper Evident Security Seals by basing ourselves on the features demanded by Customers time to time. Our expertise in Tamper Evident Seals and in Sealing Solutions provided us with the knowledge to develop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients. These solutions allow customers to:  Check Tampering of Assets  Reduce Theft  Increase Revenue Collection Advanced manufacturing technology, Outsourcing and devoted employees strengthen the company for supplying quality product, prompt service and timely delivery and ensure trustworthy name among the customers. JHAS INDUSTRIES is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. JHAS INDUSTRIES is also registered as Entrepreneur under MSMED Act 2006 of Indian Government and as Small Scale Industries with Director of Industries. JHAS Industries has been supplying Security Seals to various Government & Non Government Customers for different applications. Our Security Seals are effectively serving Energy distribution Companies, Forest Departments, Logistics, Customs & Excise , Judiciary etc. JHAS had remained focused and committed to Security Seals business and has today customers ranging from various Power Utilities, Electricity Distribution Companies , Water distribution Utilities, Forest Department, Excise & Customs Department & Judiciary Courts all over India
  • 2. & other International customers in Southeast Asia , Europe & Latin America.

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