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Press Release_10.7.15

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release_10.7.15

  • 1. Contact JenniferRubinoChampion Telephone 205.657.3824 Cell 205.657.3824 Email Website FORIMMEDIATERELEASE October 7, 2015 LOCAL CONTRACTOR GETS BURNED IN MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT Northport Author Published Book to Help Him Northport,AL,October7, 2015– Northport,Alabamaauthor,JenniferRubinoChampionreleasesabook titledSecretOkra,ShortStoriesWritten by a Tall Girl, to helpraise moneyforlocal general contractor, JimmyMcAteer.Jimmywasinjuredinamotorcycle accidentonJune 19, 2015 that has leftover75% of hisbodybadlyburnedanddisfigured.He hadnomedical insurance.All profitsfromthe sale of the book go to Jimmy. “When I found outaboutJimmy’saccident,Iknew Ineeded to help.”- J. Champion The book isavailable online andinselectbookstores.Locally,itwillbe available atThe MakersMarket in downtownTuscaloosa. JenniferRubinoChampionhas anotherbook, ISeeGod,available tohelpraise moneyforalocal family withtwodisabledchildrentogetrepairsdone totheirmobilityvanorto geta new one.The booksshe writesare to helpothersinthe WestAlabamacommunity. She isthe founder&executivedirectorof The FindHOPE Here Project,a 501(c)3 dedicatedtohelpinglocal homelesspersons,strugglingfamilies, childrenandveteransinTuscaloosa. # # # If you wouldlike more informationaboutthistopic,please contact JenniferRubino Championat 205.657.3824 or email at

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