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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Return Path is an email data company, helping the world’s leading companies promote and protect their brands. Through our global network of mailbox and security partners, Return Path detects and eliminates more email fraud than any other company in the world, analyzing over 7 billion messages every day. Learn more at [1] "The Economics of Spam," Journal of Economic Perspectives [2], [3] Symantec [4] DMARC Intelligence Report - February 2015 [5] Return Path Customer (US financial services company) SOURCES DMARC in Action[5] 500,000 1,000,000 Jan Mar May Jul DMARC Block Deployed Feb Apr Jun Aug Suspicious Messages US Financial Services Leader sees email fraud flatline after implementation Want to learn more about implementing DMARC? GET STARTED 35% Of messages received by large mailbox providers are from domains protected by DMARC 50% More sending domains publishing DMARC records over the course of 2014 200% Increase in messages protected by a DMARC “reject” policy over the course of 2014 6x More sources sending DMARC reports over the course of 2014 DMARC by the Numbers[4] The Problem DMARC is the best weapon companies have to protect their brands and customers from cyber criminals trying to spoof their domains. Here Comes DMARC And it’s getting worse. Phishing costs brands around the globe $4.5 billion each year[1] 1MIN RSA identifies a phishing attack every minute 5 out of 6 big companies are targeted with phishing attacks[2] Spear phishing attacks rose 40% in 2014[3] 40%5/6$4.5B Email fraud costs companies billions every year, and violates the critical trust between the consumer and the brand. Thanks to DMARC Suspicious message volume from a US retail giant dropped by 99% over one year. 4 of the top 10 global credit card issuers rely on DMARC for email fraud protection. Publishers Clearing House blocked over 100,000 unauthenticated messages in a 90 day period. Prevent Email Fraud with DMARC How Does It Work? With DMARC, companies can instruct mailbox providers like Gmail on what to do if a message appearing to come from their brand fails authentication. The maibox providers then send failure reports detailing the actions they took and why. Email received by mailbox provider Has DMARC been implemented for “header from” domain? Does email pass DMARC authentication? Mailbox provider runs filters YES NO Delete Apply domain owners policy NO Send to Junk YES NONE Deliver Report to Sender DMARC Control & Visibility QUARANTINEREJECT Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance Open email authentication standard Launched in 2012 Founded by over 20 companies, including Bank of America, Google & Return Path “Simply put, the DMARC standard works. In a blended approach to fight email fraud, DMARC represents the cornerstone of technical controls… to rebuild trust and retake the email channel for legitimate brands and consumers.” -Head of Cybersecurity, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

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