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Published on: Mar 4, 2016


  • 1. Jean-Christophe Prétrot 438-498-0470 | Page 1 of 2 OBJECTIVE DIRECTOR|MANAGER SYSTEMS OPERATIONS: dynamic, fast growing company in emerging markets ✔ Français: langue maternelle (maîtrise parfaite) ✔ English: Professional Fluency oral and written; Spanish: Basics ✔ Team management: Up to 25 people (DBA's, engineers, senior managers, technicians, etc.) ✔ Global mindset with Canadian expat experience HIGHLIGHTS Emergency 24/7 Environment Flexible hours (WE included) Project Management, Lead Project Feasibility Reports Matrix Team Manager Coordinate multiple teams in real time Dynamic, resourceful Client oriented / Results focused Budget Management ≤ $4.5M CDN Proactive, anticipate, create contingency planning Effective Communicator Create effective lines of communication Creating/Updating Position Profiles / Evaluation Criteria Incident Management Fact based Management Optimization Team optimization / cross training Change Management FTSO (Follow the SUN Organization) Promote interdisciplinary cross training Right person / right position Problem Management Coaching / Training Development RFC Contract Governance / In & Outsourcing KPI CAB - eCAB ITIL / Process Industrialization SLA PIR TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENTS ITSM Data Center Remedy SAP VMWare Sun Citrix Virtualization Windows Suites Axway / CFT AssetCentre Windows Server Nagios IBM Oracle EMC - NAS / SAN HP AS/400 LAN / WAN Lotus Notes MySQL NetAPP, NetBackUp $Univers Mainframe / MVS EXPERIENCE IT PROJECT MANAGER (contract) For the account of Private Client, LumasInc Business Consultants, Toronto 2015-2016 Contract 6 months (renewed) (117% increase in personnel) Noted Achievements: □ Assess needs, feasibility, generate complete project with projections and timelines, budgets □ Implementation, training programs, no down time □ Create high performance team; coaching, improved team collaboration, responsiveness and, stabilized team □ Implement, maintain procedures and protocols knowledge database INCIDENT PROBLEM CHANGE MANAGER (contract) Société Générale, Paris 2013-2015 (International Bank): Over 145 000 users in 76 countries Monthly averages: 30 incidents, 45 problems, 400 changes Noted Achievements: □ Improved Change process, decreased monthly P1 and P2 incidents by 10%
  • 2. Jean-Christophe Prétrot 438-498-0470 | Page 2 of 2 □ Optimized KPI reports, improved metrics accuracy providing better fact based management decisions □ Redesigned Incident escalation process: providing faster service restoration, reducing down-time by 5-10% EMEA SYSTEMS OPERATIONS MANAGER (contract) Geodis, Paris 2012-2013 (International Supply Chain Operator) Over 9 000 users in 67 countries Noted Achievements: □ Instituted FTSO processes, optimize communication on sensitive issues (Incidents, systems status, major changes, etc.) □ Industrialization of monitoring tools, optimize systems surveillance, quicker reactive management □ Audit, redesign work flows/processes: transfer to IBM successful, controlled down time EMEA SYSTEMS OPERATIONS PROJECT DIRECTOR (contract) For the account of AFD – Agence Française de développement (International bank): Over 1000 users Econocom-OSIATS, Paris 2009-2012 Noted Achievements: □ Project lead for centralization of IT operations; migrated to central based service model to create multi-client service model □ Created and implementation of change management processes; reduction ≥ 20 % incidents, systems stabilized □ Enforced creation/maintenance of centralized knowledge database of all technical procedures and protocols: Incident resolution time improved by estimated 55% EMEA SYSTEMS OPERATIONS MANAGER (permanent) Sephora – LVMH Group, Paris 2005-2009 (Selective retail) LVMH group | World leader in luxury retail Sephora counts 1000 POS in Europe Noted Achievements: □ Project lead for moving and outsourcing of IT infrastructure to ATOS Data-Center; governed contract guidance and budget management □ Created and implemented IT support service desk □ Transition & transformation ≈ 3 years (including DRP, new storage bay implementation with asynchronous replication, creation of test environments, pre-prod tests, Acceptance Documents, etc.); assessed as highly successful IT HELP DESK MANAGER (permanent) For the account of GLAXOSMITHKLINE UK & US (Pharmaceutical): over 75 000 users Modis (formely Ajilon), Montréal 2003-2004 □ Transfer of help desks and related processes in US and UK → Montréal □ Create infrastructures, update and adapt local resources to handle international clients CALL CENTER SUPERVISOR (permanent) For the account of BELL SYMPATICO (Internet provider) Trancontinental-Sodema, Montréal 2000-2003 IT HELP DESK COORDINATOR (permanent) IT HELP DESK TECHNICIAN (permanent) Hudson's Bay Compagny, Toronto 1996-1999 (Retail) EDUCATION □ AEC Programmeur analyste, Collège CDI, Montréal □ Actively engage in discovery of new technologies and procedures with DBA’s, engineers, technicians; explore potential application and integrate performance enhancing strategies □ Attend international and major emerging technologies and process conferences and exhibitions to access best practices □ SAP membership: built knowledge base in Logistics module (supply chain, replenishment)

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