Natural Remedies For Acne ProblemsBy: Januz DeeThe use of herbal acne home remedies can be used in conjunction with other ...
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Natural remedies for acne problems

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Natural Remedies For Acne ProblemsBy: Januz DeeThe use of herbal acne home remedies can be used in conjunction with other types of treatments. Whilenone of these are quick and definite cures, they do help the body with metabolism and aid in a moreefficient lymphatic system.Herbs have many uses and a class known as alterative herbs have been used as a way of cleansing thetissues of the body. Referred to as detoxifying herbs, they do not work in typical ways. Detoxificationeffects are not excreted through the bodys normal elimination ways such as the colon, kidneys and lungs.Due to this, they are not completely understood but they have been used for a long time. They aredefinitely worth giving a try. Herbal remedies work on the body from the inside so it is not necessary todiscontinue topical acne products. But the benefits they provide work in ways that the traditional over thecounter acne products do not.The nature of an alterative herb is to provide a mild effect. These tend to work best when used over alonger period of time. The results will not be immediately apparent, but they work by improving the overallhealth of the body internally. They are commonly given to people experiencing chronic inflammatoryconditions such as acne.Some of the herbs that are included in this group are red clover, burdock, cleavers, echinacea, blue flag,poke root and figwort. One of the best combination of herbs can be found by combining burdock, yellowdock and blue flag with echinacea. By infusing these together with hot water, you can make a tea. Fortaste, honey can be added. For the maximum benefit, this combination works best when used three timesa day.Another combination can be created by combining dandelion, sarsaparilla and burdock. The dry herbscan also be mixed together to create a tea. These are also able to be used separately.For those seeking out more natural acne remedies in a topical form, there are choices too. Tea tree oilcan be quite effective when applied directly to acne breakouts. It may cause irritation for people that havesensitive skin, so it can be diluted. If a persons skin proves to be too sensitive for this one, cabbage juicemade fresh can also be applied directly to skin.Tea is not only for drinking. A skin wash that can be used to fight against inflammation can be createdusing calendula and chamomile. This is made as tea, cooled and then stored in the refrigerator. This canbe sprayed or dabbed directly onto the affected areas.Another home acne treatment skin wash to try involves a combination of lavender, elder flowers andyarrow.Potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate are colloidal minerals that are also benefit the skin.Zinc has been used to minimize or prevent scarring in addition to boosting the immune system.Vitamin C is helpful in healing acne breakouts in addition to the known positive effects it has on theimmune system.For more information about the Best Acne Treatment, visit the Acne Treatments That Work blog site.

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