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Press Release Template by Pressat

Please feel free to use our press release template for your next public relations campaign. The template was designed by Pressat a news distribution service in the United Kingdom. The template is perfect for all manor of businesses but especially small startups who are not so clued up on press stuff. Hope you enjoy using our PR template for your news.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release Template by Pressat

  • 1. PRESS RELEASE The Main Press Release Headline Sub Heading - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OR - EMBARGOED UNTIL 22/11/2012 -Manchester, United Kingdom, 22nd November 2012,IntroductionThe first paragraph should include a brief yet descriptive introduction to the story covering theFive W’s What? Where? Why? When and Who?. Technically it should be able to stand on it’sown without further information.BodyThe body is more or less the core of the press release and should be used as an expansion ofthe introduction with all the core information, Again a more detailed version of the Five W’s. Youdon’t want to waffle on with the nitty gritty details, that comes later.QuotesAny quotes from relevant persons should be included here. Try to include quotes which areuseful. Avoid the usual “we are pleased...” “we are ecstatic...” etc...ConclusionAny closing comments or additional information should be inserted here.ContactDon’t forget to provide contact information such as phone numbers, names and emails sojournalists can get in touch if they require additional information. to editors ● A basic description of the company issuing the release is always helpful. ● Detailed statistics should go here. ● Anymore additional information as well.This template was created by pressat a UK news distribution service specialising in small business.

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