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  Continental Breakf...
A4. “Advocacy for a Mentally Ill Mother’s Adoption Plan: Ethics and Legal Barriers”
Dasi Schlup, MSW, LCSW...
B2. “Overwhelmed and Confused: How Social Workers may Respond to Women’s Needs during
Medically Complicated Pregnan...
  Continental Breakfast and...
C3. “When Health Care Becomes ‘How Can I Help You”
Ms. Alexis Rubin, MSW, LICSW
Ms. Edie Mead, MSW, LICSW
D2. “How to have Difficult Conversations”
Shelly Bunker, LCSW
Primary Children’s Medical Center
Salt Lake ...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NAPSW_2015_Final_Brochure

  • 1.     Plenary  Sessions:     “Building  Healthy  Families,   Building  our  Future”       Dr.  Carolyn  Steinberg,  MSc.,  MD,   FRCPC   Richmond,  British  Columbia     “Family  Centered  Approaches   for  Medical  and  Recreational   Drug  Use  and  Exposure”     Dr.  Gideon  Koren,  MD,  FRCPC   FACMT   Toronto,  Ontario     “When  A  Baby  Dies:  A  Parent’s   Perspective  During  Crisis”       Kathryn  Barczi  MSW,  RSW   Richmond,  British  Columbia   Jen  Locher,  MBA   Vancouver,  British  Columbia       “Compassion  Fatigue:   The  Cost  of  Caring”       Dr.  Shari  Munch,  PhD,  LCSW   New  Brunswick,  New  Jersey     “A  Mothers  Voice:   The  Untold  Stories  from  the   Downtown  Eastside”     Dr.  Kali  Gartner   Kari  Stout,  MSW,  RSW   Vancouver,  British  Columbia       “It’s  All  About  Relationships:   Improving  Perinatal  Social   Work  Practice  and  Making   your  Mark”     JaNeen  Cross,  MSW,  MBA,  LCSW   Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania         39th Annual Conference National Association of Perinatal Social Workers
  • 2.     When:  May  6-­‐9,  2015  –  Conference  Opens  at  5:00  PM  May  6,  2015  and  Ends  at  Noon  on  May  9,  2015   Where:  Pinnacle  Hotel  Vancouver  Harbourfront  (Formerly  Renaissance  Harbourside  Hotel     Reservations:  1-­‐884-­‐3373118  or  604-­‐689-­‐2720  –  Request  NAPSW  2015  Conference  Rate   Online  Reservation:     Please  note:  all  costs  associated  with  NAPSW  and  association  fees  are  in  USD.    All  costs  associated  with  the   hotel,  transportation  and  night-­‐out  are  in  CDN  currency.     Room  Rate:    $179.00  for  standard  room  with  2-­‐queens  or  1-­‐king  (CDN  currency)                    $209.00  for  harbourside  room    (CDN  currency)   The  block  of  rooms  is  available  May  2  through  May  12th  inclusive  at  the  conference  rate     The  Pinnacle  Hotel  Vancouver  is  situated  in  the  heart  of  downtown  Vancouver,  Coal  Harbour.    It  is  a  large   boutique  hotel  offering  incredible  views,  steps  away  from  outdoor  and  indoor  adventures.    The  harbourside   rooms  offer  the  chance  to  watch  the  float  planes  land  over  the  north  shore  mountains  and  the  bay.    You  can   enjoy  all  the  amenities  of  this  top-­‐rated  hotel  during  your  stay!    For  more  information  on  the  hotel,  you  can   visit  their  website  at     Average  Weather  in  May:    The  temperate  is  generally  crisp  spring  weather,  between  39F  and  61F  (8C  to   16C).    Please  be  prepared  for  rain  and  sun,  as  our  weather  often  fluctuates.         Transportation         From  YVR  (Vancouver  International  Airport)  to  the  hotel:   (This  hotel  does  not  provide  shuttle  service)     The  ‘Canada  Line’  transports  delegates  to  and  from  the  airport  to  all  of  the  downtown  hotels  at  a  cost  of   $9.00  Canadian  inbound  and  $4.00(CDN)  return  during  peak  hours.  On  weekends  the  return  would  only  be   $2.75  for  a  2-­‐zone  ticket  as  it  is  non  rush  hour.    This  is  a  simple,  clean  public  transportation  subway  that   was  just  built  for  the  2010  Olympics.    You  will  need  to  walk  about  10  minutes  from  the  subway  station  to   the  hotel,  or  hail  a  cab  for  ~$10.00.     You  may  choose  to  hail  a  taxi  from  the  airport  for  approximately  $40.00  direct  to  the  hotel.     Parking-­‐  *On-­‐site  parking,  fee:  $7.50  CAD  hourly,  $23  CAD  daily         Valet  parking  fee:  $29  CAD  daily   Off-­‐site  parking,  fee:  $7.50  CAD  hourly,  $32  CAD  daily
  • 3.   Conference  Fees     Conference  fees  include  Wednesday  evening’s  banquet,  continental  breakfast  on  Thursday  and  Friday,   Friday’s  lunch  and  Saturday’s  breakfast.     $285.00  NAPSW  members  before  April  12,  2015   $365.00  Non-­‐member  rate  before  April  12,  2015   $150.00  students     Daily  rates-­‐  member/nonmember/student-­‐   Wed  $90/$100/$50       Thurs  $145/$185/$90     Fri  $165/$195/90     Sat  $60/$70/$50     Registration  deadline  is  April  12,  2015      $20  late  fee  for  ALL  registrations  after  April  12,  2015       Continuing  Education  Units  (CEU’s)     NAPSW  will  issue  a  Certificate  of  Attendance  to  all  attendees.    NAPSW  has  applied  for  up  to  16.5  CEU  credits   through  NASW  and  a  CEU  certificate  will  be  provided  for  $10.00.     NAPSW  is  an  approved  CA  Board  of  Behavioral  Sciences  CEU  provider  (PCE  1452).    Courses  meet  the   qualifications  for  hours  of  continuing  education  credit  for  MFT’s  and/or  LCSWs  as  required  by  the  California   Board  of  Behavioral  Sciences.     Completing  Registration     All  registration  must  be  done  on  or  before  April  12,  2015  at   Registration  begins  February  13,  2015.     Registration  for  the  Night  Out  must  be  completed  by  April  12,  2015.         Some  workshops  may  fill  up  so  we  recommend  you  register  early  in  order  to  reserve  a  spot  for  the   workshops  you  wish.     Payment  can  be  made  via  PayPal  or  check.    For  any  questions  about  the  registration  process,  please  contact   Kristin  Vargo  –  513-­‐636-­‐4043  or   If  paying  by  check,  complete  the  online  registration  and  print  your  invoice  twice  (one  for  your  records  and   one  to  send  with  your  payment).   Checks,  in  USD,  should  be  made  out  to  NAPSW  and  sent  to:   Sharon  Williams,  NAPSW   8111  Tollbridge  Ct.   Westchester,  OH  45069     Refunds:    If  you  register  and  cannot  attend,  a  refund  of  your  registration  fee,  less  $50.00  for  handling,  will   be  granted  if  requested  no  later  then  April  25,  2015
  • 4.     NAPSW  Membership   If  you  are  not  currently  a  member  of  NAPSW,  you  can  register  at  the  NAPSW  member  rate  if  you  join   NAPSW  in  conjunction  with  registration.    Please  complete  the  online  application  at    Submit   the  completed  application  with  the  necessary  documentation  and  include  your  membership  dues  along  with   the  conference  registration  fee.     For  questions  or  problems  with  membership,  please  call  Anne-­‐Marie  Hallman,  Membership  Chair,  at  562-­‐ 657-­‐4260  or     Special  Accommodations  &  Roommate  Requests   If  you  need  special  lodging,  accommodations  or  roommate  requests,  please  contact:  Kristin  Vargo  at  (513)   636-­‐4044.           Wednesday,  May  6,  2015     12:00  pm  -­‐  5:00  pm     Registration        5:00  pm  -­‐  6:00  pm     Welcome  Reception        6:30  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm     Welcome,  Dinner,  and  Award  for  Excellence        7:30  pm  -­‐  9:30  pm     KEYNOTE  SPEAKER     “Building  Healthy  Families,  Building  Our  Future”     ‘Perinatal  Social  Work  and  its  unique  position  to  intervene  at  the  most  vulnerable  and  formative  point  in   a  baby  and  family’s  life.’     Dr.  Carolyn  Steinberg,  MSc.,  MD,  FRCPC   Psychiatrist  –  Early  Childhood  Mental   Health  Programs   Richmond  Hospital   Richmond  British  Columbia         From  a  field  of  being  raw  and  new  in  1980’s,  Early  Childhood   Emotional  development  has  become  well  known  as  the   foundation  for  healthy  human  development,  both  to  the   public  and  professionals.    You,  as  Perinatal  Social  Workers,   are  uniquely  positioned  to  see  families  at  the  most   vulnerable  and  formative  point  of  that  family  and  baby’s  life.                   Conference  Program  Overview
  • 5.     Thursday,  May  7,  2015        7:00  am  -­‐      8:00  am     Continental Breakfast and Conference Registration        8:00  am  -­‐  10:00  am     GENERAL  SESSION           “Family Centred Approaches for Medical and Recreational Drug Use and Exposure”   Dr. Gideon Koren, MD, FRCPC, FACMT Director  MotherRisk  Program   Division  of  Clinical  Pharmacology  and   Toxicology     The  Hospital  For  Sick  Children   Professor  of  Pediatrics,  Pharmacology,   Pharmacy  and  Medical  Genetics   Toronto,  Ontario     Exploring  a  family-­‐centred  model  for  medical  and   recreational  drug  use  and  exposure,  we  will  explore  different   approaches  to  care  for  infants,  mothers  and  families.    We  will   also  see  how  the  renowned  MotherRisk  program  at  the   Hospital  for  Sick  Kids  in  Toronto,  Ontario  works  with  these   families  to  promote  positive  outcomes.         10:00  am  –  10:15  am     Coffee  Break     10:15  am  –  11:45  am     Breakout  Sessions  (A1-­‐A4)     A1. “Substance Abuse During Pregnancy: The Impact on the NICU Healthcare Team”     Autumn Davis MSW, LCW Mental Health Therapist at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies Orlando, Florida     Caring for a substance exposed infant can significantly add to the stress the healthcare team member experiences in the NICU. Attendees will learn ways to promote education, awareness and self-care among the healthcare team when working with this population.   A2. “The Many Faces of Childbirth Loss: Helping Families Heal”     Fredda Zuckerman, LICSW Cambridge, Massachusetts Andie Werner Insoft, LICSW, ACSW Newton Heights, Massachusetts     This workshop will explore different types of childbirth loss and identify coping strategies as they pertain to different losses. Roles of inpatient and outpatient social workers and how they impact grief will be addressed. Treatment interventions in the journey from trauma to healing will be identified.   A3. “Lack of Preparation and Health Literacy for Pregnancy”     Dr. Judith L.M. McCoyd, PhD, QCSW, LCSW Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick, New Jersey     A prospective survey study for over 650 women yielded the result that few had considered the possibility of something going wrong in pregnancy. Here we will briefly review the study, discuss the importance of priming for health literacy and preparation and discuss why these concepts matter for perinatal social workers in varied settings.
  • 6.     A4. “Advocacy for a Mentally Ill Mother’s Adoption Plan: Ethics and Legal Barriers”     Dasi Schlup, MSW, LCSW Women’s and Children’s Hospital University of Missouri Health Center Columbia, Missouri     Perinatal Social Workers provide services to parents who are planning to place their infant for adoption. The Social Worker is the advocate for the birth parents, perspective adoptive parents and the adoptee. This is a case review of a planned placement by a birth mother, pregnant with triplets, who is unexpectedly committed to an in-patient mental health treatment center after delivery with diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. A detailed review of this case and the ethical and legal challenges that ensued will be presented.     11:45  am  –  1:30  pm       Lunch  on  your  own        1:30  pm  –  3:30  pm     GENERAL  SESSION     “When a Baby Dies: A Parents’ Perspective during Crisis”     Kathryn Barczi, MSW, RSW Perinatal Social Worker Richmond Hospital Richmond, British Columbia Jens Locher, MBA University of British Columbia – BC Childloss Support Network     Kathryn Barczi, Jens Locher and parent panel from B.C. Childloss Support Network will lead an interactive parent panel discussing personal experiences with child loss, focusing on the needs of parents during a time of crisis from time of diagnosis or death to long-term supports. BCCSN will share how their network came to be, and how it impacts and supports bereaved families. We will learn how other communities and hospitals can advance their care for bereaved families in crisis.      3:30  pm  –  3:45  pm     Coffee  Break      3:45  pm  –  5:15  pm     Breakout  Sessions  (B1-­‐B4)     B1. “Perinatal Field Education: Graduate Social Work Students’ Experiences in a Montana Obstetric Clinic”     Kimberly Garner, CLC Melinda Cline University of Montana and Western Montana Clinic Missoula, Montana     This session will detail the development, experiences, and outcomes of MSW students’ practicum placement in a Montana obstetric clinic. Presenters will describe direct and organizational work with prenatal and postpartum women and providers, as well as possibilities for practicum replication.
  • 7.     B2. “Overwhelmed and Confused: How Social Workers may Respond to Women’s Needs during Medically Complicated Pregnancy”     Dr. Judith L.M. McCoyd, PhD, QCSW, LCSW Dr. Laura Curran Dr. Shari Munch, PhD, LCSW Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick, New Jersey   Intensive interviews with women experiencing medically complicated pregnancies (MCP) indicated that women were overwhelmed and confused by relationships with the medical team. We developed constructs related to women’s experience of MCP and recommend how perinatal social workers can improve care.     B3. “Challenges of the Maternal Substance Abuser: Drug Addiction, the Newborn and the Community”     Linda DeBaer, LMSW Manager Perinatal Social Work Department Regional One Health Memphis Tennessee     This workshop will give social workers a better understanding of the prevalence of methadone and methamphetamine use in the U.S., in Tennessee, and in other areas. Social workers will understand the physical and psychological effects of methadone and methamphetamines and common characteristics of persons who use/abuse them. They will also become aware of current management options intended specifically for pregnant women and infants/young children exposed to methadone and methamphetamines and become familiar with available treatment options and other support systems for the affected families.   B4. “Supporting her in Pregnancy (SHIP): An Integrated Approach to Providing Behavioral Health Care”     Ms. Corliss Burton, MSW Dr. Jacquelyn Cattage, PhD Family Care Health Services St. Louis, Missouri     Supporting Her in Pregnancy is an evolving, culturally relevant, innovative program involving behavioral health and OB integration within a Federally Qualified Health Center geared toward the screening, identification, and treatment of perinatal and postpartum depression among medically underserved women.       6:00  pm  –  9:30  pm     Night  Out  –  Sunset  Harbour  Dinner  Cruise   $65.00/person. Please RSVP by April 15, 2015. However, if you decide you would like to join the night out on a last minute basis, there is some flexibility. You will enjoy our private, reserved floor on the boat for a west coast inspired dinner buffet, visit with one another, and then you are welcome to head to the dance floor where there will be live music, a cash bar, and breathtaking views of the bay, city and North Shore mountain ranges from inside the boat, or on the outdoor decks! Not a night to be missed!
  • 8.   Friday,  May  8,  2015        7:00  am  -­‐      8:00  am     Continental Breakfast and Conference Registration        8:00  am  -­‐  10:00  am     GENERAL  SESSION           “Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring”     Dr. Shari Munch, PhD, LCSW Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick, New Jersey     Perinatal Social Workers are on the front lines experiencing the day to day crises facing patients and their families. The cost of professional caring may manifest itself in undue professional and personal distress. This presentation will examine compassion fatigue, an occupational hazard that refers to the stress resulting form providing direct services to a traumatized or suffering person.       10:00  am  –  10:15  am     Coffee  Break     10:15  am  –  11:45  am     Breakout  Sessions  (C1-­‐C4)     C1. “Putting out the ‘Fire’: Family and Staff Resolution Plan”     Shawnee McDowell, LCSW Primary Children’s Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah     This presentation describes a tool developed and utilized in the NICU at Primary Children’s Hospital to help resolve conflicts when a parent requests a change in caregivers. Historically, when parents requested to not have a certain nurse assigned to their baby, their request was honored. The nurses felt that the parents’ side was always taken; this led to decreased job satisfaction. We instituted a conflict resolution plan by which parents feel heard and nurses feel supported. This model of direct communication is furthermore being implemented between staff members.   C2. “Futility: A Social Workers Role”     Lauren Obidi, MSW, LGSW Children’s National Medical Center Washington, D.C.     This presentation will explore medical ethics specifically the term of medical futility. Case examples will be used to explore medical ethics and how social workers both support the client and an interdisciplinary team through complex ethical situations.
  • 9.     C3. “When Health Care Becomes ‘How Can I Help You”     Ms. Alexis Rubin, MSW, LICSW Ms. Edie Mead, MSW, LICSW     By combining quality improvement and service excellence with family partnership and investment, the NICU at Children’s National Health System was able to see marked improvement in Press Ganey scores, improved parent satisfaction and increased level of parent confidence in caring for their at-risk infant.   C4. “Keeping Perinatal Social Work Passion and Skills with Transitional Roles: Specialist or Generalist?”     Joni Hardcastle, MSW, LICSW Women’s Center Seattle, WA Debby Segi-Kovach, LCSW All Children’s Hospital St Petersburg, Florida     This workshop will explore our passion for perinatal social work while balancing specialty and generalist roles and skills. Learn and share strategies for incorporating Behavioral Health Integration techniques and other skill sets into our practices through didactic and panel presentations.     12:00  am  –  1:30  pm       Business  Lunch  –  NAPSW  Members  Only        1:30  pm  –  3:30  pm     GENERAL  SESSION     “A Mother's Voice: the unheard stories from the Downtown Eastside”     Dr. Kali Gartner, MD Locum, Sheway East Vancouver, B.C. Kari Stout, MSW, RSW Sheway Program East Vancouver, B.C.     An interactive exploration of a woman-centred, trauma informed and empowerment based model of care when working with women and families affected by substance use disorder. A panel of mothers and Sheway participants will share their experiences of Sheway and other community services. They will describe strengths and barriers of existing programs and offer insightful suggestions of how existing health and community services can be improved to meet their needs.      3:30  pm  –  3:45  pm     Coffee  Break      3:45  pm  –  5:15  pm     Breakout  Sessions  (D1-­‐D4)     D1. “But it’s Legal: The Challenges and Complexities of Keeping Babies Safe with the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana”     Tiffany Glick, MSW and Joanna Reeder, MSW, LCSW Children’s Hospital of Colorado Denver, CO     Discusses the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and how this has impacted perinatal/neonatal social worker practice. This presentation will explore methods for protecting babies despite multiple limitations in child protection, medical research, and personal biases.
  • 10.     D2. “How to have Difficult Conversations”     Shelly Bunker, LCSW Primary Children’s Medical Center Salt Lake City, Utah   Difficult conversations are a daily part of communication in the healthcare setting. These conversations, while often emotional and sometimes unsettling can also provide comfort to family members and be professionally fulfilling to the medical providers. This workshop will review methodology behind various difficult conversations and how you as a social worker can model and teach these skills in your setting.   D3. “Coming to America: How to Meet the Needs of International Transient Families Seeking Medical Care”     Allie Dryden, MSW Children’s National Medical Center – NICU Arlington, VA   This is a presentation on the challenges of meeting the unique psychosocial needs of transient international families. There will be a discussion on how culture shapes navigating health care and how social workers can meet their complex needs.   D4. “What Parents want to know: The Role of Perinatal/NICU Social Workers with Parents in Ante- Natal Consultations”   Karen Long, MSW, RSW Northern Alberta Neonatal Program Royal Alexandra Hospital, Social Work Team Lead Katharina Staub, B.Ed, BA Canadian Premature Babies Foundation Sherwood Park, Canada     This interactive session will address the research surrounding ante-natal consultations for families at high risk of having an extremely pre-term infant. Specifically this session will look at what parents say they want and need to know and how social workers can and should be involved in the ante-natal consultation process in order to facilitate a more family centered process which is guided by both hope and compassion   Saturday,  May    9,  2015       7:30  am  –  8:30  am     Hot  Breakfast  Buffet     8:30  am  –  9:30  am     GENERAL  SESSION     “It’s all about Relationships: Improving Perinatal Social Work Practice and Making your Mark”     JaNeen Cross, MSW, MBA, LCSW     Ms. Cross will discuss the importance of developing relationships in the NICU setting. The benefits of promoting healthy and secure attachments in the mother-infant dyad will be stressed. Ms. Cross will illustrate how developing professional relationships can improve social work practice with families and serve the professional development needs of perinatal social workers.     9:30  am  –  10:30am     Farewell  and  CEU  Certificates         Adjourned  until  the  40th  Annual  NAPSW  Conference  in  Providence,  Rhode  Island,  2016

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