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Naprep Brochure 2009

NAPREP Membership Brochure
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Naprep Brochure 2009

  • 1. NAPREP What is Public-Sector Real Estate? Facilities, land, and anything constructed on, or attached to, land that is governed or managed by a public sector entity. Who is a Public-Sector Real Estate Professional? A public sector real estate professional is employed by the public or private sector and works with local, county, state, or federal agencies or other non-profit organizations and non-profit institutions by providing services, products or support in real estate related activities. 2009 NAPREP Staff and Directors President and CEO Mr. Jamie Scruggs National Public Services NAPREP Company Director-Board Member Mr. Art Cudworth Cudworth Real Estate National Association of Public-Sector NAPREP Company Real Estate Professionals Director-Board Member Mr. Jason Perry Azavar Technologies NAPREP Supporting Member Membership and Benefits NAPREP 2009 Professional 1658 North Milwaukee Avenue Service Number 185 Chicago, IL 60647 Professional 630.200.6333 ph Commitment 773.305.2908 fax
  • 2. NAPREP: the association that CONNECTS YOU TO THE PROFESSION AND THE INDUSTRY P R O F E S SIO N A L Membership Levels D E V E L O PME N T Professional Member E D U C A TI O N Available to members who have more than 3-years of public sector related I N D U S T RY real estate experience. Annual Dues: $75.00 EVENTS Associate Member Available to members who have less Member Benefits than 3-years of public sector related real estate experience. The NAPREP Professional membership W H Y Y O U SH O U L D J O IN allows access to the member directory, Annual Dues: $35.00 • PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION listing in the member directory, access to J O I N O N L I NE the referral network and discounts for Agency Member • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES NAPREP member events and meetings and • INDUSTRY NEWS AND INFORMATION MEMEBERSHIP the use of NAPREP Member Logo. Available to agency members who are a local, county, state, federal agency, • INDUSTRY SUPPORT D I R E C T O RY institution or other non-profit • STAY CURRENT WITH INDUSTRY organization or entity. CONTACTS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Annual Dues: $125.00 REFERAL •INDUSTRY SPECIFIC EDUCATION Company Member • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT NETWORK Available to company member that • PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS AND works in the public sector real estate related profession and its related SERVICES sectors. Annual Dues: $300.00 B U SI NE SS S O LUTI ONS Supporting Member S P O N S O R SH I P This membership category is available JOIN NOW ONLINE AT to anyone interested in the public P A R T N E RSH I P sector real estate profession and its WWW.NAPREP.COM related sectors. NE W BUSI NE S S Annual Dues: $50.00 OR ENROLL VIA PHONE AT D E V E L O PME N T 630.200.6333 P U B LI C A TIO N S

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