I served as a Navy Seal for 20 years defending all Americans’ rights and freedom.
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016


  • 1. PRESS RELEASE—KRISIN BECK—April 3, 2015 I served as a Navy Seal for 20 years defending all Americans’ rights and freedom. Many of our brothers and sisters have shed blood or died protecting precious rights and freedoms for all Americans. Now our rights are being threatened from within. Our LGBT sisters and brothers are under siege. This year 85 anti-LGBT bills were introduced in 28 states. Some have now been defeated or failed to meet required deadlines. Some very harmful ones have survived and some have passed. The states of Indiana and Arkansas have recently adopted new religious freedom laws. As originally proposed both were overly broad and would go far beyond protecting religious freedom. Arkansas passed a separate law in early March that prohibits cites from adopting local laws to protect LGBT citizens from discrimination. Indiana likewise has no statewide law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT citizens. After public outcry and protests and threats of boycotts and moving businesses and cancelling conventions both religious freedom laws were hastily amended in part to clarify that these laws themselves cannot be used by individuals businesses to refuse services to LGBT citizens. That, of course, was never the intent of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law in 1993. Even so, and despite clarifications and improvements the Indiana law and the Arkansas laws are still unacceptable in their current forms and should be repealed or at the very least further amended to state that they cannot be used to undermine federal, state or local non-discrimination laws. In addition both states must amend their statewide human rights laws to include long overdue protections of LGBT citizens based on sexual orientation and gender identity so that they can have the same rights and freedoms as other Americans. Otherwise the rights to discriminate against LGBT will remain in most parts of Indiana and Arkansas. This is not what I and my brothers and sisters fought for and it is not acceptable in America. There are also bills in various other states that, if passed, will deny basic rights and freedoms to LGBT citizens. Of particular note are bills in Florida and Texas that require bathroom surveillance. These dangerous bills are based on fear mongering and hysteria and exaggeration about dangers of restroom use by transsexuals, despite the fact that there is no evidence of problems that are not already addressed by other less intrusive laws. There is virtually no evidence of any harm in any of the places where protections of bathroom use by transsexuals have been in place for many years. These unnecessary and abusive laws should not be passed. Any proposed future bills in other states should also conform to these protections in order to preserve the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

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