Biodiversity Protection : Stakeholder Participation : Capacity Building
Wadi Gemel National Park Southern Red Sea, Egypt Park Boardwalk
Romania’s Nati...
National Park Management Plans and
Retezat National Park (RNP)
Sustainable To...
National Park and Protected Area Ecotourism Product Development,
Capacity Buil...
Royal Bengal Tiger Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Bangladesh Gatineau Park Cyclist
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Park and Protected Area Management
Plans, Site Develo...
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Protected Area Capacity Building Workshops
James has ...
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Cultural Heritage Sites and Visitor Centers
Many cult...
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Special Assignments and Presentations
As a senior par...
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Park and Protected Area Planner, Landscaper Architect...
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that protect t...
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National Parks + Protected area Management Planning Brochure

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National Parks + Protected area Management Planning Brochure

  • 1. Biodiversity Protection : Stakeholder Participation : Capacity Building NATIONAL PARKS AND PROTECTED AREA PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT Institutional Structuring Economic Impact Resource Management James has 36 years experience in national park and protected area planning in 13 countries in Asia, North America, Africa and Eastern Europe J AMES MACGREGOR PRESIDENT ECOPLAN:NET TELEPHONE 212 37 749 444 FACSIMILE 212 37 749 444 ecoplan:net Providing protected area planning, site design, training, institutional structuring RECENT PROTECTED AREA PLANNING ASSIGNMENTS STRUCTURING ROMANIA’S NATIONAL AGENCY FOR NATIONAL PARKS AND PROTECTED AREAS (NAPA), 2007-2008. James served as Team Leader for the Finnish Consulting Group (FCG) to structure the new national agency for the the management of Romania’s National and Natural Parks and more than 600 Natura 2000 sites Continued on Page 2 WADI GEMEL NATIONAL PARK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK AND TOURISM STRATEGY, USAID AND CHEMONICS INTERNATIONAL, 2007 James served as Team Leader for a USAID funded management plans for Egypt's latest national park located in the Southern Red Sea Region.. The park included a marine, coastal, desert and mountain component. Continued on Page 2 RETEZAT NATIONAL PARK SUSTAINABLE TOURISM STRATEGY, ROMANIA, USAID, 2007 Retezat National Park was eager to join the exclusive PAN Park Network but required a Sustainable Tourism Strategy for both the park and the surrounding region. 3 Retezat National Park Romania Wadi Gemel National Park, Red Sea Pacific Rim National Park “protected area management integrates biodiversity protection, visitor education and economic development” ecoplannet srl, Romania and M o r o c c o ||
  • 2. PARK AND PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT! PAGE2 Wadi Gemel National Park Southern Red Sea, Egypt Park Boardwalk Romania’s National Agency for National Protected Areas a n d B i o d i v e r s i t y C o n s e r v a t i o n ( N A PA ) Institutional Structuring and Business Plan for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the World Bank, 2007-2008 Team Leader When Romania joined the European Union, in 2007, its National Parks and Protected Areas became eligible to access millions of euros for the development of the Network, the implementation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives and the expansion of the EU protected area network within the guidelines of Natura 2000. NAPA was designed to create a strong institutional structure, improve the overall management of the protected areas and to effectively distribute EU Structural Funds to identified projects. James directed an international team of planners, economists, lawyers and regulators. The assignment included: ✴Assessment of the current protected area administration and structure (governance, planning, management, etc.) ✴Defining the overall structure and legal framework for the 70 staff headquarters and 300 national and natural park and protected area personnel ✴Identifying the role for NGO’s and Natura 2000 sites ✴Comprehensive Job Descriptions for all senior staff (headquarters and parks). ✴National Communication Strategy ✴Human Resource Strategy and 5 -year Training Plan ✴NAPA Business Plan (2009-2013) including the expenditure of 250 million euro EU Structural Funds Wadi Gemel National Park Management Plan Framework Southern Red Sea Region, for USAID/ Egypt and Chemonics International Team Leader A comprehensive development , operational and management action plan framework was prepared including site identification of the visitor information and interpretation centers, low-impact accommodation, Roman ruins restoration, and long term marketing. Revenue centers were identified to ensure that the protected area would have adequate finances to operate after USAID support ended in 2008. A co-management approach was also proposed in collaboration with the local Ababda nomadic tribes, who are living within the park. ‘Good governance, professional management, continuous training and sincere community relations are fundamental to the operation of a responsible protected area” Romania’s NAPA Structure and Business Plan ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco |
  • 3. PARK AND PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT! PAGE3 National Park Management Plans and Retezat National Park (RNP) Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for USAID/ Romania, Chemonics International and PAN Parks Project Consultant The strategy was prepared as part of a requirement for entry into the PAN (Protected Area Network) Park System, an alliance of select European National P a r k s . The p r o c e s s i n v o l v e d establishing the PAN Park Group, a local private sector association that would work with the RNP to establish the park and region as an international tourism destination. The process was successful and Retezat, Romania’s oldest National Park, received certification in 2006 and is now a member of the PAN Parks. Calimani National Park (CNP) Management Plan (Tourism and Economic Development Component), for USAID/Romania and Chemonics International Project Consultant Consulting services were provided to identify the role of tourism product development and visitor services within the management plan that was prepared by park staff. All necessary tourism facilities (trails, interpretation center) and services (e.g. horseback riding, tent camps) were identified and mapped. National and international tour o p e r a t o r s we r e c o n t a c t e d f o r collaboration and participation in the marketing process. The CNP was also positioned as a tourism attraction within the greater Vatra Dornei Tourism Region. A workshop, identifying the economic development opportunities from park resources was designed and presented to local stakeholders and residents. Tourism Strategies M a c i n N a t i o n a l P a r k Management Plan (Tourism and Economic Development Component), for USAID/Romania and Chemonics International, 2005 Project Consultant Technical services were provided to a s s i s t w i t h t h e l o c a t i o n a n d development of the t o u r i sm s e r v i c e s within and adjacent to the national park. B e c a u s e o f i t s l o c a t i o n i n t h e D a n u b e D e l t a , tourism demand for interpretive services was increasing, including r e q u e s t s f r om t o u r operators the construction of a information centre and associated trails. A tourism product planning workshop was provided to national park and local UNDP staff. Andasibe National Park Management Plan for VITA (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) and USAID/Madagascar Project Manager A comprehensive development and zonation plan was prepared for Madagascar’s most popular national parks (due to its proximity to the capital city). The plan focused on day-use visitor services and a lemur conservation program. A Visitor Management Plan was prepared that included the site selection and design guidelines for a new Visitor Interpretation Centre. A Trai l program was prepared connecting hikers to the villages in the park buffer zone thus increasing the economic impact of the park and reducing slash and burn agricultural practices. Calimani National Park Romania “this Retezat National Park Tourism Strategy will be a model for future PAN Park proponents who wish to become a member of the network” PAN Parks Executive ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 4. PARK AND PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT! PAGE4 National Park and Protected Area Ecotourism Product Development, Capacity Building, Communications and Marketing James has prepared regional tourism development strategies that include national parks and protected areas a principle attraction. The planning process includes working closely with park officials and integrating sustainable principles into the regional development plans Madagascar National Parks and Protected Areas Ecotourism Development Strategy and ANGAP Restructuring, USAID/SAVEM Project and Tropical Research and Development, (1996-1997) Team Leader James worked within the offices of ANGAP (National Association for the Management of Protected Areas) to both develop a national ecotourism strategy as well as structure the organization as a business operation committed to both conservation and tourism development across the 39 national parks and protected areas. Extensive training was provided to the ANGAP staff (visitor management, i n t e r p r e t a t i o n , t o u r p r o d u c t development) environmental NGO’s and tour operators throughout the country (Nosey Be, Tulear, etc.). Ifrane National Park and Region Ecotourism Development Strategy (2005-2010) for the Ministry of Water and Forest, Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco Project Director The regional Ecotourism Strategy was prepared to both establish a long-term development action plan as well as integrate the national park into the tourism economy of the region. Emphasis was placed on working with the communities within the park to generate alternative revenue and consequently reduce the stress on the natural resources. Visitor surveys were conducted throughout the park to determine development priorities. A particular emphasis was placed on identifying the needs of the national tourists. Chtoutka Ait Baha and Souss Massa Draaa National Park Sustainable Tourism Strategy, for the Province of Chtouka Ait Baha, Morocco 2006-2007 Team Leader T h i s r e g i o n a n d n a t i o n a l park are strategically located just south of Agadir, M o r o c c o ’ s m o s t popular coastal tourist destination (700,000 visitors/year). The Park is situated along 75 KM of some of the best beach resources in M o r o c c o a n d t h e adjacent lands have high investment potential for the local villages. The strategy identified a structure for a cooperative relationship between the provincial authorities and the national park administration as well as the role of the national park within the regional sustainable tourism development strategy. Island of Exuma (Bahamas) Coastal Zone Management and National Marine Park Tourism Master Plan, for the Commonwealth Secretariat (London), the Nature Conservancy (USA) and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, 1996 Team Leader A comprehensive Coastal Zone Management Plan, including the Exuma National Marine Park was developed in cooperation with US and Bahamian NGO’s, international donors, local communities and the private sector. Training programs, including ecotourism development, green management of hotels and biodiversity conservation measures were designed and facilitated by James. Madagascar National Parks ‘Exuma Coastal Zone and National Marine Park Master Plan’ W i n n e r Caribbean Tourism Organization ‘Environment Award’-1998 ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 5. PARK AND PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT! PAGE5 Royal Bengal Tiger Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Bangladesh Gatineau Park Cyclist Sunderbans National Park and Tiger Reserve Area Ecotourism Development Strategy for ANZDEC and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Bangladesh Protected Area and Ecotourism Planning Specialist The Sunderbans is the largest delta and mangrove forest in the world and comprises a 2500 sq. km. wildlife reserve. James was one of three specialists preparing an economic development s t r a t e g y f o r t h e Sunderbans region in Southern Bangladesh to increase local jobs and revenues to support the conservation of the forest resources and the protection for the Royal Bengal Tiger. A comprehensive ecotourism strategy was prepared including design of secure accommodation facilities and enclosures, observation towers, visitor reception and interpretation center and boat tours in the delta. Market assessment and a marketing Strategy identified tour operators (national and international) who were interested in the programs. A database was prepared. A coordination committee comprised of protected area staff, the Department of Tourism and the private sector was created to manage tourism activities Gatineau National Park Multiple use Trail System Development Plan, for the National Capital Commission, Ottawa, Canada Project Director Gatineau National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in Canada. It generates over 1 million visitors each year because of its proximity to the nation's capital. Over the years dozens of trails were developed, in an unplanned fashion, to serve hikers, cyclist and skiers. James was hired to both assess the quality and relevance of the existing trails and associated infrastructure as well as prepare a trail development concept that supported greater multiple use of all the trails and an overall scheme that “tied the trails together” into an integrated network of more than 350 KM. “New revenues generated by this ecotourism strategy will support habitat protection for the Royal Bengal may be the last hope to ensure the survival of this magnificent animal” -- Asian Development Bank ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 6. P a r k a n d P r o t e c t e d A r e a M a n a g e m e n t! PAGE6 Park and Protected Area Management Plans, Site Development Plans, Visual Impact Analysis and Resource Assessment Forillion National Park Master Plan for Parks Canada-Québec Region, Canada, Chief landscape architect and park planner James was responsible for the overall site planning and construction of all park infrastructure UNESCO Clayoquat Sound Biosphere Reserve Trail System Master Plan (planning, design standards) for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee Chief Landscape architect Amqui Provincial Park Master Plan and Campground Design, Ministry of Lands and Forests, Quebec, Chief Landscape architect Lepreau River Provincial Park Access Corridor Parkway and Trail System, New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Project manager Baie du Nord National Heritage River Assessment and Tourism Potential, for Parks Canada Atlantic Region, 1980 Project Director Kougibouquac National Park Visual Analysis and Impacts, for Parks Canada-Atlantic Region, Project Director Kejimikujik National Park Bicycle Path System and Recreation Corridors, for Parks Canada, Atlantic Region, Project Director Poley Mountain Provincial Park Ski Area and Mountain Resort Master Plan, New Brunswick Department of Parks and Tourism, 1975. Project Director Terra Nova National Park G o l f C o u r s e S i t e Location and Feasibility Study for Parks Canada Atlantic Region, Team Leader Glacier National Park Visual Impact Assessment of the Twining of the CP Rail line through Rodgers Pass, for Parks Canada-Western Region, 1981 Team Leader Chobe National Park Botswana Wildlife Reserve ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 7. P a r k a n d P r o t e c t e d A r e a M a n a g e m e n t! PAGE7 Protected Area Capacity Building Workshops James has designed and facilitated workshops for more than 5000 participants in 12 countries. Many have been for national parks, reserves and protected area staff in such diverse locations as Egypt, Romania, Morocco, Madagascar, Canada and South Africa. Training programs have included: Preparation of Park Management Plans, Visitor Center Design and Management, Interpretation Planning, Trail Design and Construction, Ecotourism Product Development and Visitor Services, and Communication Strategies. THE PARK MANAGEMENT AND ECOTOURISM PLANNING for Secretary of State for Rural Development, Morocco As Te am Le ade r for the preparation of the Ifrane National Park Ecotourism Strategy, James worked with many stakeholders including park staff, local Berber tribes and associate consultants. A 1 week workshop was designed for all those associated with the management planning process. VISITOR CENTER DESIGN and MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP, for UNDP and the Ministry of Rural Development, 2005 A 4 day workshop was delivered at 2 locations in Morocco, Ifrane and Tan Tan. The purpose was to introduce national park, forestry and tourism staff to the concepts of visitor management and services including the design of a v i s i t o r c e n t e r b a s e d o n sustainable architectural practices and professional interpretation and reception services. INTERPRETATION PROGRAM PLANNING, for Interpretation Canada and the Canadian Parks Agency in Riding Mountain National Park The workshop was designed to introduce park staff to the process of designing interpretation programs based on identification o f diverse audiences and messages. ECOTOURISM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT in NATIONAL PARKS and RESERVES for SATOUR and SANParks ECOTour ‘94, The 2 week long workshops were the first ecotourism training programs ever given in South Africa. TRAIL PLANNING, DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP and MANUAL for USAID/ Roma n i a a n d Ch emo n i c s International The workshop included both an introduction to the design process as well as the planning of an interpretive trail in Calimani National Park. ECOTOURISM PLANNING and MARKETING NAT I O N A L WORKSHOP SERIES for USAID Madagascar and the Association for the Management of Protected Areas. Park Management Planning Workshop Morocco Product Planning Workshop ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 8. P a r k a n d P r o t e c t e d A r e a M a n a g e m e n t! PAGE8 Cultural Heritage Sites and Visitor Centers Many cultural heritage sites are located within national parks and protected areas. James has been responsible for the Resource assessment, Feasibility Analysis, Site planning and design, market studies, business plans and management structures for numerous heritage properties GULF OF GEORGIA CANNERY N AT I O N A L H E R I TA G E S I T E MANAGEMENT PLAN, for the Canadian Parks Agency, National Historic Sites, Western Region (1994-1995) Project Manager The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is the Canadian Parks Agency premiere historic site on the west coast of Canada. James was hired to manage several activities including the preparation of a: 1. Comprehensive market analysis including consumer surveys i n Vancouver and Seattle, 2.. Complete facility restoration program including architectural drawings 3. Socio-economic analysis: direct and indirect job creation, training for locals. 4. Business plan identifying all revenues centers (space rental, restaurant, fish market, etc.) and operating costs. LA MAURICIE NATIONAL PARK VISITOR CENTRE PROGRAM AND FACILITY DESIGN for Parks Canada, Quebec Region Project Manager This national park is strategically located between Montreal and Quebec. Despite its decidedly wilderness character it has a high visitation level. Therefore a major visitor reception centre was planned, particularly for the day trippers. The Center was unique because there was an equal balance between the interior ad exterior interpretive features, exhibits and educational displays. PACIFIC RIM NATIONAL PARK VISITOR CENTER FEASIBILITY STUDY, for the Canadian Parks Agency, Western Region Project Director James led a team that identified the best strategic location for the visitor center as well as identified: t h e m e s a n d messages, visi tor projection levels and operating costs and revenues. WADI GEMEL VISITOR CENTER PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND SITE LOCATION, for USAID/Egypt and Chemonics International Project Manager During the preparation of the park management plan, James identified several sites for the location of a visitor center focusing on interpretation, orientation and reception. A complete set of documents including selected site characteristic, proposed messages and target audiences, sustainable building criteria and site design was prepared for the architects. The facility opened in 2008. FORILLION NATIONAL PARK HERITAGE VILLAGE MASTER PLAN, for Parks Canada, Quebec Region Chief landscape architect The park master plan identified 22 buildings of heritage value. James was responsible for both the development plan, construction and placement of all buildings on the village site. Gulf of Georgia Cannery National ‘Based on the success of the La Mauricie Center, it is certain that similar facilities will increasingly assume a leading role in our visitor management program” -- Parks Canada Director ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 9. P a r k a n d P r o t e c t e d A r e a M a n a g e m e n t! PAGE9 Special Assignments and Presentations As a senior parks and protected area planner James is frequently asked to undertake special assignments to ministers, parliamentarians, tribal chefs and presidents. Assignments are typically meant to respond to particular situations requiring specific knowledge of the subject (e.g. sustainable development procedures, tribal rights, etc.) PARKS CANADA AUDIT; (SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES), for the Auditor General of Canada, SPECIAL ADVISOR (1997) Because of James extensive experience in many of the national parks of Canada, he was asked by the Auditor General, during his 5 year review of the Agency to assess the current use o f Sustainable Practices and the results of commitments that were made in 1992. James delivered a failing grade and consequently a 5 year plan was prepared to ensure the implementation of ‘green management practices’ throughout the parks. ECONOMIC IMPACT Of THE CANADIAN NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM, for the Canadian Parliament and Hon. Jean Charest, Minister of the Environment SPECIAL ADVISOR (1994-1996) The Government of Canada made a commitment in 1985 to dedicate 20% of the land to National Park and Protected Area status by 2000. James was commissioned by the C a n a d i a n P a r l i a m e n t a r y Committee, responsible for this initiative, to identify the current and future economic and social benefits of a comprehensive protected area network. CREE NATION SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY AND PROTECTED AREA BENEFITS, for the Grand Chief of the Cree Nation, Canada S P E C I A L ADVISOR AND SPEECHWRITER (1997-2001) The Cree Nation is one of the largest aboriginal territories in the world with exceptional hydro, forestry and cultural resources. James was well known to to the C r e e l e a d e r s h i p a n d w a s subsequently hired by the Grand Chief (Bill Diamond) to prepare position papers on the protection and sustainable use of this vast territory in Northern Canada. Speeches were prepared for the Canadian and Quebec Parliaments S U S T A I N A B L E DEVELOPMENT CRITERIA, for the President of the Republic of Palau and Congress (Micronesia) SPECIAL ADVISOR (1995) The President was familiar with the sustainable development criteria that James had developed for the Bahamas. He was increasingly concerned with the damage that was being done to Palau’s fragile marine environment. His office subsequently contacted James to work with the National Congress and travel industry to develop sustainable tourism criteria. Heritage Landscape Protection Brasov County Protecting Cree heritage ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco |
  • 10. P a r k a n d P r o t e c t e d A r e a M a n a g e m e n t! PAGE10 Park and Protected Area Planner, Landscaper Architect, Ecotourism Planner, Trainer and Workshop facilitator, Marketing specialist, Ecolodge planner/developer James has more than 36 year s e x p e r i e n c e a s a n a t i o n a l p a r k management specialist, landscape architect and planner and has completed over 100 park related assignments for governments, donors (USAID, OAS, IADB, Commonwealth Secretariat, UNDP, World Bank, etc.). Before moving to Morocco in 2002, he was considered one of Canada's most respected national and provincial park planners and had worked in all regions of this vast country. He is frequently a special advisor to ministers, presidents, governors and tribal chiefs. James is also an experienced sustainable tourism planner and is known for integrating modern protected area and resource management planning with the economic development benefits and opportunities associated with these resources. He is particularly familiar with coastal, marine, island and mountain environments and their tourism and biodiversity conservation potential. CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT, ECOTOURISM and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT He combines his knowledge of mapping, zonation and conservation practices with sustainable tourism development to prepare plans and policies that reflect the highest resource protection standards as well as the economic aspirations of local populations, This approach has been used successfully for the protection of several endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tiger (Sunderbans Tiger Reserve Ecotourism Strategy), the P h i l i p p i n e Eagle, ( t o u r product James MacGregor d e v e l o p m e n t f o r C o n s e r v a t i o n International), and lemur p o p u l a t i o n s i n Madagascar. INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURING James is increasingly involved with the r e s t r u c t u r i n g o f g o v e r n m e n t agencies to meet the dual challenges o f r e s o u r c e protection within the context of public demand for resource access. The recent structuring of Romania’s National Agency for Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation reflects that balance with an emphasis on capacity building, business planning, good governance, environmental education and public awareness through a target communication strategy.. CAPACITY BUILDING Human resource development is a significant component of his protected area management plans. Consequently James has also designed and facilitated resource management, planning, marketing and facility design workshops for several hundred protected area managers and staff in Africa, Asia and the America's. His sustainable development and ecotourism workshop series for the Commonwealth Caribbean Nations won the prestigious Green Globe Achievement Award in 1997. James MacGregor Brasov, Romania ‘Biodiversity protection is increasingly a successful partnership between contemporary conservation management, stakeholder participation and economic development” ecoplannet srl, Romania and Morocco | |
  • 11. “James combines a strong environmental ethic with a professional planning process to deliver results that protect the resources while strengthening the local economy” -- Earlston McPhee, Director Sustainable Tourism Unit Government of the Bahamas Sustainable Park Planning, Development and Capacity Building ecoplan:net has provided sustainable development services in 18 countries in Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America. The company was founded by James MacGregor in 1992, in Canada and currently operates out of offices in Morocco (Rabat) and Romania (Brasov). F O R I N F O R M AT I O N , REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS P L E A S E C O N T A C T JAMES MACGREGOR WWW.ECOPLANNET.COM Ecoplan:net is an international consulting firm that has completed more than 400 tourism, economic development and park and protected area management assignments worldwide including Morocco, Egypt, Romania, Brazil, Philippines, Palau, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Botswana, Bahamas, Comoros, Turkey, South Africa, Zambia, India, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Canada and the USA. Several ecoplan:net assignments have won prestigious international awards including the Green Globe Achievement Award and the European Travel Writers Award for the Bahamas Sustainable Tourism Development Policies and most recently, the 2009 Tourism for Tomorrow Award from the World Travel and Tourism Council ! e c o l o g i c a l p l a n n i n g f o r t h e e n v i r o n m e n t

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