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Is fiscal conservatism just political speak?
Most Republicans identify t...
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Fiscal Conservatism

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PROSPECT, PA March 26, 2015 Is fiscal conservatism just political speak? Most Republicans identify themselves as fiscal conservatives. To James Butler, Republican candidate for Butler County Commissioner, fiscal conservative translates to being "committed to creating a predictable financial environment." Citizens are expecting more than just the publication of a balanced revenue and expense report each year. In particular, they are demanding transparency and accountability. To be clear, the 2015 budget of $183,206,711 is a decrease of almost 6 percent. However, taxpayers do not see any reduction or relief in taxes from the sale of Sunnyview, the elimination of 200 full-time staff, and the carryover surplus. Butler says, "Such an analysis supports the skepticism voiced by many Center Township voters." Butler rejects the glib promises to lower taxes and replace the real estate tax with a higher income tax. Instead, he pledges to bring clarity to the budgeting process and to not tax and spend beyond the needs and means of the community, endorsing lower taxes purposefully. Residents of the county perceive their taxes are too high ? so they want to be confident that the government is as efficient and effective as it can be. Remarks from concerned citizens of Connoquenessing Township about "results, not just the perception of activity" resound with Butler. For Butler, efficiency is more than just being organized in execution. He suggests that "it demands resourcefulness from all of us ? the ability to have a greater impact, as a whole, while working within the constraints of time, budget, and people.” Butler believes it is "the business of county government to deliver services in support of taxpayers across all the municipalities" and he plans to initiate a litmus test to determine if program line items are a must-have, fair and beneficial to all concerned, and will build goodwill. He considers it the duty of the commissioner and agency program managers to define success in specific, measurable terms and then communicate progress and showcase outcomes throughout the year. Butler asserts, "the principles I have outlined will guarantee that commissioners be good stewards." ### Contact: Angela Llamas Butler Phone: 412.370.5695 Email: Paid for by Vote James Butler JAMES BUTLER County Commissioner ELECT

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