Transputec’s integrated solution provides a
platform for growth at Nandos
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Nandos Case Study

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nandos Case Study

  • 1. Transputec’s integrated solution provides a platform for growth at Nandos Solution Overview “Transputec’s flexibility, reliability and systems expertise has Customer Profile helped us create an innovative data environment that truly reflects With more than 400 outlets worldwide, the Nandos identity and provides a platform for continued growth.” Nandos has grown rapidly since its South African origins. A strong brand Alan McCarter, Nandos IT Manager. identity and original restaurant culture is driving expansion in the UK where the company plans to open 25 restaurants each year. Customer Profile Business Challenge Originating in South Africa, food retailer Nandos has more than 400 restaurants Nandos had outgrown its existing worldwide in locations as diverse as Kilburn and Karachi. The company’s unique brand store based information systems. An identity, culture and staff structure is based on the look and feel of a family run business. integrated sales, finance, stock and payroll solution was required to Managers are called Patrao (literally head of the family) and all staff are encouraged to capture restaurant data to enhance participate fully in the running of the business. Each restaurant interior is designed to efficiency and provide a global overview of business performance. convey the atmosphere and hospitality of a private home – using natural materials such as wooden furniture and hand painted terracotta tiles. Solution The company’s phenomenal worldwide growth has been reflected in the UK. In the Integrated till-based data solution via an intranet platform using ActiveWeb space of three years the number of restaurants has increased from 19 to 70. With plans Content Management Server.™ to open a further 25 outlets each year, the company was rapidly outgrowing its existing Benefits store-based information systems and a more ambitious data capture and dissemination Automatic data capture enhances  infrastructure was required. business performance. Data integrity for financial reports  Business Challenge and bank reconciliation. ActiveWeb Content Management  Server™ enables dynamic “Three years ago our computing systems were adequate for the level of business at that content management by staff time,” said Alan McCarter, IT Manager at Nandos. “We were largely dependent on a across the business. Intranet solution embeds Nandos  combination of paper based and spreadsheet methods of data gathering, with reports branding. being faxed through to head office. As that involved substantial re-keying of data the Software & Services whole process was error prone and time consuming.” Collating and inputting data is a tedious task at the best of times, but for busy restaurant staff at the end of an evening it Transputec Business Solutions ActiveWeb Content Management could be a particularly demanding responsibility. Server™ The company wished to integrate a diverse range of restaurant data such as sales, finance, stock and payroll information. The aim was to establish restaurant-based data capture processes that could feed into a global overview of business performance and support the company’s strategy for growth. The heart of the system would be the integration of disparate information into uniform databases. As the business was using four different till systems a traditional back-of- house solution was considered inappropriate. Alan explained: “Maintaining separate systems at each restaurant would be costly and impractical. We would need different backup procedures and separate enterprise
  • 2. servers – a headache to support and a challenge in terms of staff training.” A priority was that the new solution should be geared to the needs of restaurant managers and their staff – easy and intuitive to use with good levels of functionality to support the business at local level. Solution Nandos selected Transputec Business Solutions to design and develop a comprehensive and integrated point of sale system for implementation across the UK. “We didn’t put out to tender as we didn’t start out with fixed ideas. Instead we wanted to “We needed a evolve our system criteria during the design phase,” said Alan. “We needed a technology partner to mesh with our experimental way of working and support our vision of an technology innovative integrated solution. As we had worked with Transputec before they were the partner to mesh natural choice.” with our The design centred on the construction of an intranet, primarily to provide a common experimental way interface for the integrated databases. Transputec supplied programming expertise and of working and ActiveWeb Content Management Server,™ a powerful content management tool support our enabling Nandos staff to easily and dynamically create, update and manage the intranet. “As ActiveWeb CMS™ is designed for use by non technical staff, ownership of the vision of an intranet is distributed across the business – that’s very important to us.” innovative integrated The choice of an intranet model for the new system reflected the company’s need to embed the Nandos branding throughout the entire information gathering and solution. As we dissemination process. “This was an important reason for opting for Transputec’s had worked with bespoke solution. It would have been harder to impose our branding on a standard third Transputec party application” said Alan. The intranet platform represents a powerful tool to emphasise the look and feel of Nandos documents as well as reinforcing the impact before they were and individuality of the restaurant’s culture. With such a high premium placed on staff the natural participation, the intranet also provides an important medium for disseminating staff choice.” social events and other personnel information. Transputec developed the till integration system which comprises modules for cash, Alan McCarter, sales, payroll and purchase orders – key data feeds for the company’s central Nandos IT databases. A stock module has also been developed to allow the restaurants to more effectively manage their stores on line. Manager Benefits The Transputec solution enables Nandos to collect daily sales data automatically and the use of standard screen-based forms ensures keyed data is accurate and timely, maintaining the integrity of company-wide information and reducing the pressure on busy restaurant staff. “Transputec has delivered uniform data structures and integrated databases from key information sources at the heart of the business,” said Alan. “That represents a huge benefit to every part of the organisation, in driving sales and marketing as well as delivering high quality financial reports on which commercial success depends.” High levels of automation for data capture ensure data quality is maintained, resulting in more accurate financial reporting and straightforward bank reconciliation. The easy-to- use intranet platform means a reduction in training costs, lower support overheads and easy content management by non technical staff. It is also provides a powerful mechanism for reinforcing company branding and enhancing staff communication across the enterprise. Alan concluded: “Transputec’s flexibility, reliability and systems expertise has helped us create an innovative data environment that truly reflects the Nandos identity and provides a platform for continued growth.” For More Information For more information about Transputec Business Solutions, call the Sales Information Centre at (0) 208584 1348. This case study is for informational purposes only. Transputec makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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