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Presskit jacopo

Personal Presskit as Dj/Label Manager
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. UPCOMING RELEASES ON NATCH & MIDGAR RECORDS NEWS & PREVIEWS ON NATCH RECORDS WEBSITE MIDGAR RECORDS WEBSITE BEHAVE BOOKING PODCAST SECTION Berlin based Freelance Designer and Dj Label Manager of Natch Records & Midgar Records Founder of Behave Booking Agency Born and raised in Solofra, a small town of South Italy, Jacopo moved to Rome for the stu- dies and consecutively to Berlin, city where he’s actually living and working as freelance designer. Learning how to mix records from his father, he grew up costantly training behind the decks, under the deep influence of early House Music producers like Frankie Knuckles and Masters at Work. Ever since he’s been avidly seeking for new inspirations, getting closer to Detroit Techno, Ambient, Acid, Electro and much more straightforward underground Techno. Jacopo’s djsets are characterized by a diverse selection of records crafted with the aim to build up an intimate and warm atmosphere, delivering a powerful sound made of smooth rhythms, bright soundscapes and driving melodies. Jacopo plays often in teamwork as “Lùzja” back2back with the dj Luz Diaz, usually facing long sets where they incessantly alternate one record each . After many fortunate gigs, gaining respect and affection of the Berlin crowd, Lùzja is now a costant presence in the lineups of the german capital, bringing always quality music without compromises. RECENT FACTS Arriving in Berlin in November 2011, Jacopo met Synthek & Audiolouis, both dj/producers and Natch Records founders. Beside taking care of artworks and branding of their label, Jacopo played an essential role in the administration becoming consequently official manager. The network around Natch Records expanded dramatically in the last years, giving birth to Behave Booking agency, an even more ambitious project which involves many talented and promising artists of the international Techno scene. Still really young, but strong of the experience and connections acquired during the years, Jacopo decided to open his own record label: Midgar Records. Featuring a wide range of interests spanning from Deep Techno to Ambient and Downtempo, Midgar aims to bring an innovative and meaningful sound which tells stories as people dance. The japanese artist Wata Igarashi is signed for the debut release, which will hit the stores in the end of June 2014. Natch Records LP01 Synthek & Audiolouis Unwise Release date: July 2014 Midgar MDG001 Wata Igarashi Junctions Release date: June 2014 Copyright © 2014 Behave Booking, All rights reserved

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