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Nando’s “It’s Okay!” Radio Advertisement Analysis
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Nandos ad

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Ben Holmes Nando’s “It’s Okay!” Radio Advertisement Analysis The first radio advertisement that I analysed is promoting the Nandos restaurants. The advert caries generally a promotional message and does not include any special offers or any contact details like most common radio advertisements. The sole purpose of this advert is to raise awareness of Nandos and some of the products they sell. In order to identify the nationality of the franchise the voiceover used in this advert is a stereotypical male Portuguese accent in order to promote their original Portuguese food. However when including a specific accent in an advertisement there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. When different nationalities or regional accents are used in advertisement scenarios, care is needed so as not to cause offence by negative stereotyping or by ridiculing the relevant country, region or racial group. At the start of the advertisement you can hear a traditional acoustic guitar in the background which is also helps establish Portuguese history and culture. Nandos slogan, “The spirit of Nandoes”, is included in the voiceover relatively close to the beginning of the advert. This promotes the type of atmosphere that is maintained in the Nandos restaurants, comparing it to none other and implying that you get a certain vibe while dining there. The voiceover then goes on to say “at Nandoes we say it’s okay”, this appeals to their primary target audience of the working class whom need reassuring after a hard day’s work. Furthermore it says “If you are a warden of the traffic, it’s okay”, this appeals further to the working class as consumers can relate to this. The next voice over uses an element of comedy to maintain interests in the advertisement and keep listeners amused. He says “If your eye brows join in the middle, like my sister Paula, Its okay”, This creates an image in the listeners head of an ugly Portuguese woman with a mono-brow, many people would find this humorous and feel entitled to continue listening. He uses a sad but sarcastic tone of voice to create comedy. His voice changes to a more negative tone when talking about his ugly sister to enhance the comedy. His voice then changes completely from negative to positive to lighten up the mood and cheer up the customers; also the flamenco music begins to play again bringing back the “spirit of Nandos” throughout the background music. He then tells the listeners about the healthy rice and salads available at Nandos which will help widen their target audience to vegetarians, failing to mention any of the chicken dishes that they also sell. “Or prefer to spoil yourself with chips and MMM! Cheeky dessert”. This is describing some of the more common and desirable foods they have and the “MMM” stresses how delicious it is. He then finishes by repeating the tagline “That’s okay too” once more to make it stick in the audiences’ head.

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