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A: 12A Harris Street Gold Coast, QLD 4215
T: nay_edwards M: 0423 846 494
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Landcare Australia - In 2014, I was selected as a National Young Ambassador for Landcare
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Naomi Edwards Resume_Sep 2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Naomi Edwards Resume A: 12A Harris Street Gold Coast, QLD 4215 T: nay_edwards M: 0423 846 494 B: E: F: L: To care for the environment and inspire communities to live sustainably through innovative solutions. Qualifications - Bachelor of Communications (First Class Honours) (Griffith University) 2015 - Landmark Worldwide Education: Life curriculum and Communications 2015 - Leadership for Sustainability (United Nations University) 2014 - Master class in Environmental Communication (Griffith University) 2013 ,2014 - Coastal Hazard Management Short Course (Griffith University) 2013 - Masters of International Community Development (Deakin University) 2012 - YMCA QLD Youth Parliament Member 2011 - Adobe Creative Suite Desktop Publishing Certificate (Griffith University) 2010 - Advanced data analysis (Griffith University) 2009 - Bachelor of Environmental Science (Griffith University) 2008 - AUSLAN Sign Language (Gold Coast TAFE) 2004 Awards - Manpower Queensland Young Landcare Leader award 2015 - Foundation for Young Australians: Young Social Pioneer 2015 - Norman Wettenhall Environmental Leaders Scholarship 2013 - Keep Australia Beautiful’s Queensland’s Cleanest Beach award 2010-2014 - Multiple Landcare awards 2010-2015 - Keep Australia Beautiful’s Cleanest Beach award 2010 -2014 - Gold Coast Volunteering Volunteer Coordinator of the Year 2010-2012 - Queensland Day Broadwater Electorate Community Service award 2011 - Gold Coast Gecko Silver and Gold award 2010-2013 Key experience Freelance community engagement consultant 2012/current Project manage community engagement projects to enhance the ability of community groups to lead environmental focused outcomes. Involves the development of projects, strategies, brand development and communications, along with technical research and advice. Key clients include the City of Gold Coast,Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Landcare Australia. Happy Beaches 2013/current Founding lead researcher and director. Key skills include social enterprise development, campaign management and research model development. Coastal community engagement and education 2009/2014 Manager of Griffith Centre for Coastal Management’s Coastal Community Engagement Program. Involved the management of BeachCare, CoastEd and Clean Beaches, development of educational resources, delivered school and community-based education outreach, extensive partnership and resource capacity development, project management, communications and marketing, volunteer coordination, grant and award submissions. Research assistant 2009/2014 Research assistant at Griffith University (Griffith Centre for Coastal Management and Environmental Futures Centre) for various coastal and ecological research projects, such as seagrass, dune and mangrove monitoring, and long-term vegetation ecology research. Key skills obtained include experimential design, field work coordination and plot set up, data collection and analysis, and report submissions on local, regional and international projects. Marine science research 2008-2009 Research assistant at Hydrobiology, which involved the development of an Oceania fish reporting database, community health reports, GIS coding and other geospatial research, and applying expertise for environmental.
  • 2. Career highlights Landcare Australia - In 2014, I was selected as a National Young Ambassador for Landcare Australia and in 2015 became the co-founder Intrepid Landcare - a national youth leadership initiative that focuses on mentorship, leadership and coaching. SEQ Catchments – Since late 2011, I have been on the SEQ Catchments Membership Association Board and SEQ Catchment Audit and Finance Committee as part of their strategic plan to up-skill Board representatives and Company Directors to instill diversity within the organisation. Committees and Boards - what I collect... Gold Coast Catchment Association, Gold Coast Surf Management Plan Advisory Committee, SEQ Catchments Members Association, SEQ Catchments Audit and Finance Committee, National Surfing Reserves, Cathy’s Circle and Intrepid Landcare... What else is there to know about me? PERSONALTRAITS & INTERESTS: Enthusiastically driven, passion for life, the environment and community wellbeing, love challenges and grassroots activities, vintage collectables, classic cars, fitness and health, creative projects and writing, volunteering and committee contributions, adventures and coastal dune photography. OVERSEAS TRAVEL: Europe, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Borneo, Phillippines, USA, Nepal.AUSTRALIA: east coast of Australia,Western Australia, Lord Howe Island,Tasmania, Torres Strait. My mentors who you can contact to find out more: How about a coffee? Publications Edwards, N.Williams, P., Obst, S. (2013) Building Dunes for the Community and the Coast: How to Care for Coastal Dunes, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University, Gold Coast, ISBN: 978-1-922216-28-1. Hero,J.-M, G. Lollback N. Edwards, S. Butler, R. Steven,J. Shuker, C. Simpkins & G. Castley, (2012). PPBio Australasia Long Term Ecological Research Sites – flora and fauna database. In: Dengler,J., Chytrý, M., Ewald,J., Finckh, M.,Jansen, F., Lopez-Gonzalez, G., Oldeland,J., Peet, R.K., Schaminée,J.H.J. [Eds.]: Vegetation databases for the 21st century. Biodiversity & Ecology,Vol 4, pp: 316-317. Hayes,J. Edwards, N.,Ware, D. (2013) Beyond the Dunes: BeachCare on the Gold Coast, Queensland Coastal Conference 2013 - Castles in the Sand, Rydges Southbank,Townsville, 2 - 4th October. Mast, K., Edwards, N., House, M., Stuart, G., Fitzgerald,T., Obst, S. (2013) Yakety-yak: yACS has become a breeding ground for tomorrow’s coastal leaders, Queensland Coastal Conference 2013 - Castles in the Sand, Rydges Southbank,Townsville, 2 - 4th October. Edwards, N.,Thom, B., Gunn,J., Stuart, G., Obst, S. (2012) An opportunity to put ‘Edge Factor’ into coastal management, Coast to Coast conference 2012, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Brisbane, 17-21 September. Edwards, N.,Williams, P., Obst, S., Croft,T., Monaghan,A. (2012), Students on the dunes: BeachCare links with Student Linx, National Landcare conference 2012, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, 3-5 September. Edwards, N. (2011) Building Dunes for the Community and the Coast, New South Wales Coastal Conference 2010,Tweed Heads, 8-11 November. Edwards, N. Kirkpatrick, S.Williams, P. (2011) There is no I in a clean beach: Tallebudgera Beach sweeps award-winning partnerships into clean beach action, Queensland Coastal Conference 2011, Cairns, 19 –21 October. Edwards, N. (2010) A cooperative approach to sustainable coastal community groups: BeachCare, New South Wales Coastal Conference 2010, Batemans Bay, 10-12 November. Professor Rodger Tomlinson Director Griffith Centre for Coastal Management P: (07) 5552 8530 Professor Bruce Thom University of Sydney P: (02) 9337 1465

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