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PRESS RELEASE: Close Care Gap, PSO Launch Feb 2014

News Release for Close Care Gap, Feb 2014
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - PRESS RELEASE: Close Care Gap, PSO Launch Feb 2014

  • 1. CONTACT Kate ONeill, MSN, RN. iCareQuality, Inc 610.505.0996 US FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iCareQuality Launches Close Care Gap, PSO to Improve Healthcare Delivery on the Frontline Philadelphia, PA, 02/20/14 — iCareQuality announced last month the launch of their new Patient Safety Organization (PSO) located in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Close Care Gap (CCG) is a component organization of iCareQualtiy, a benefit corporation. Close Care Gap is a federally approved Patient Safety Organization and was established to improve quality of care and patient safety. CCG is one of few national PSO organizations dedicated to serving professional nurses, managers, and CNO’s to improve frontline care delivery. CCG, PSO has adopted the CMS Partnership for Patients campaign focusing on the top ten areas of hospital acquired conditions. Providers can effectively measure against best practice standards and close gaps in knowledge to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes. By using their online smart tools, nurses can turn evidence into action with real-time information to drive necessary change. CCG, PSO works with inpatient hospitals, long-term care centers, and community nurses to reduce clinical care variations by actively participating in QI projects. Additionally, CCG works with Magnet organizations to help meet the new 2014 ANCC requirements that include a greater emphasis on outcomes, safety, technology, and innovation. The iCQ team developed a globally scalable quality engagement solution for reducing hospital acquired infections and adverse events. CCG is a cloud based capability that employs a sustainable learning engagement framework through practice accountability and transparency. At CCG, many of the core modules are FREE and publically available to help organizations embark in clinical safety activities. For more information, please contact Kate ONeill, VP of Quality and Safety at CCG, PSO at 610.505.0996 or © iCareQuality Inc. 2014

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