5 ways to send fax online with PopfaxPopfax is a leading online fax provider who has been on the market for more than 7yea...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. 5 ways to send fax online with PopfaxPopfax is a leading online fax provider who has been on the market for more than 7years, providing good service at very competitive tariffs.To start using Popfax services you need to purchase a Send & Receive pack + OptionPack or subscribe to a Send Only account and buy credits for sending faxes.1. Email to FaxSending an email to Fax with Popfax its very easy and similar with sending a regularemail. All you need is to purchase the Option Pack or a Send Only Package and youwill be able to send faxes in just a few simple clicks, to send fax with cover page, orto send fax with personalized fields. You can also send SMS via email.2. Sending faxes from an online accountThis is the main way of sending faxes with Popfax. After signing in with Popfax, youget an online account where you can securely login with a password and manage yourfax communication, email, personal details, currency, payment means, etc.3. Sending faxes from the Popfax mobile fax websiteFor users that are always on the move Popfax has developed a mobile version forsmartphones. It is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and Android.All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection and you will be able tosend/receive faxes, send SMS, receive voicemails, set up a conference call, manageyour faxes in folders on the go.4. Sending faxes with Popfax printer-driver -Print to faxThe Popfax printer is a driver that converts any document your desktop can print intothe black and white TIFF FAX G3 format and then sends it to any fax machine viaPopfax.com Internet Fax Services.5. Sending faxes from fully featured fax softwarePopfax also created its own fax software that handles all your faxes.Popcompanion Fax software offers the perfect solution if you want to send faxwithout buying an expensive, bulky fax machine. It is a desktop application that runsminimized and in the background for sending and receiving faxes through thewww.popfax.com API.Popcompanion mobile fax software, is the mobile version of the PopcompanionFax software which allows all its users to manage all the faxes on the go directlyfrom their smart phones.

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