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regional hub, Romania continues to Facts Romania
play a key role within the industry. In terms
of commerci...
project, a 50,000 dwt oil tanker. The boom MARKET STUDY
in the shipbuilding industry didn’t stop at
Constanta – it ...
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Press Gl Tankermail January 200785191

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Gl Tankermail January 200785191

  • 1. Germanischer Lloyd tankermail Newsletter for Customers and Business Partners Issue 01/2007 Photo: Santierul Naval Constanta S.A. CONTENTS Market Study ...................................... 3 Tankers Wanted Chemical Tankers .......................... 4 Regulating Vegetable Oils Ship Recycling ................................... 6 CONSTANTA. The Tankers on the Beach “Rotterdam of the East” is home News ............................................................... 8 to enterprises such as Histria Shipmanagement S.R.L. ROMANIA Europe’s Rising Star Just a few months ago, Romania became a member of the European Union. Analysts say the nation’s future prospects are excellent. The international shipbuilding industry has long been aware of Romania’s potential R omania is without doubt one of the firm, confirmed that Romania is a promis- policy, with a flat-rate corporation tax of winners of the most recent expan- ing place for investors. The country’s grow- 16 per cent, caused international direct sion of the EU: with an estimated ing appeal to the business world is not only investment to nearly double compared to growth rate of 6.5 per cent in 2007, the a result of subsidies from the European 2005. country is clearly on the rise. A.T. Kearney, Union, that will total 18 billion between As a traditional shipbuilding nation, an international management consulting now and 2013. In 2006, its pro-business with the port city of Constanta as a tankermail 01/2007 1
  • 2. regional hub, Romania continues to Facts Romania play a key role within the industry. In terms of commercial traffic, it has long sur- Public approval was overwhelm- passed the ports of Odessa in Ukraine, ing. More than 80 per cent of the or Varna in Bulgaria. Sometimes Romanian population of 21.6 mil- dubbed “Rotterdam of the lion favoured joining the European East,” Constanta is home Union. The Balkan state became to enterprises such as R O M A N I A a member on 1 January 2007. Fol- Histria Shipmanage- lowing a brief downturn in 2005, ment S.R.L. the Romanian economy grew 7.7 per cent in 2006. The country’s Impressive Range industry is currently undergoing The time since the pri- Bucarest structural changes to enable vatization of the former- the production of higher-valued goods. Within ly state-owned ship-oper- Bucharest the mechanical engineering sector, the Romanian ating company Navrom in shipbuilding industry is considered competitive and the early 1990’s has been used promising. effectively. Captain Georghe Bosînceanu has been CEO of the Histria Group and its integrated shipyard Santierul Naval Constanta S.A. (SNC) since the group was first established in 1992. ment, the showpiece of Histria Group, was ever all-Romanian project, comprising the Initially called Tanker Ship Manage- the first Romanian enterprise to be certi- entire cycle from ordering through design- ment S.R.L., the group today spans an im- fied ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2000 by ing to building. The first ship of the series pressive range of activities covering all as- Germanischer Lloyd. was delivered as early as 2005. pects of the shipping industry: ship man- The company is now preparing to qual- agement, chartering, operation, staffing, ify for ISO 9002. Meanwhile, Histria had its Historical Record repair, technical support and safety. tanker fleet classified with Germanischer Three more were completed in 2006. Con- The group’s tanker fleet is growing Lloyd. Santierul Naval Constanta is cur- structed within as little as seven months, steadily. Bosînceanu stresses the fact that rently building a series of 18 IMO Type 3 they took less than half of the usual 16- Histria Group is not a shipowning com- oil/chemical tankers with 37,000 to 41,000 month period to build. Besides the 41,000 pany: “We strictly consider ourselves a dwt, twelve of which will be operated by dwt oil and chemical tankers, Santierul Na- shipping agency.” Histria Shipmanage- Histria Shipmanagement. This is the first- val Constanta S.A. is also working on a new Emergency Response Service Accidents, collisions, oil spill- SUCCESS STORY. tered with an emergency system according ages, groundings, on-board ERS was established to MARPOL regulation. The ERS of Germa- fires – the Emergency Response by GL in 1993. nischer Lloyd operates with great success. Service (ERS) of Germanischer The 500th vessel joined ERS in November Lloyd has been helping ships in cal Support Department 2006. The “Histria Perla”, a chemical tanker distress for thirteen years. In an at Germanischer Lloyd. with a tonnage of 40471 dwt, built at Constan- emergency, the service provides New Regulation. Since ta Shipyard and classed by Germanischer an expert analysis of the damage 1993 it has been a legal Lloyd. Nicolae Berechet, Technical Director and detailed recommendations requirement in the USA of Histria Shipmanagement, received the for the rescue procedure. for oil tankers to contact certificate at the company’s headquarters. The benefits for the shipping an emergency service Presently another 500 Ships are ordered to company are significant: “An ac- in case of an accident receive ERS in due time. cident can often cost several – a consequence of the hundred million euros. If you have “Exxon Valdez” accident off Alaska. Since For further information: an efficient crisis management system, you 2004, INTERTANKO members have been re- Norbert Kray, can not only save considerable amounts quired to register their tankers with an Emer- Head of Department, Technical Support, of money but also avoid serious environmen- gency Response System. And as of January Phone: +49 40 36149-203 tal damage,”says Kray, Head of the Techni- 2007, tankers over 5000 dwt must be regis- E-Mail: HISTRIA PERLA. The Romanian chemical tanker is already the 500th ERS-certified ship. 2 tankermail 01/2007
  • 3. project, a 50,000 dwt oil tanker. The boom MARKET STUDY in the shipbuilding industry didn’t stop at Constanta – it has taken over all of Roma- nia. The order books of the country’s eight Tankers Wanted shipyards are full for years to come. As early as 2005, the Romanian shipbuilding The world economy is booming. In the tanker sector, order books are industry broke its own historical record, as reported by the Romanian Shipbuilders As- brimming sociation ANCONAV. By delivering 18 com- Photo: Lindenau-Werft plete ships and recording a total ordered THE LAUNCH. Newly-built tonnage of 1,139,878 gt, the previous year’s vessel by tanker special- numbers had been more than doubled. ist Lindenau-Werft. The tanker segment in particular can expect continued strong growth rates and international investment. The Pan-Eu- ropean Pipeline (PEOP), scheduled to be commissioned in 2012, is likely boost in- ternational interest in Romania. 1,319 km in length, the PEOP will connect Constan- ta with Serbia, Croatia and Trieste, Italy to reduce ship traffic through the Bosporus. Once completed, this two-billion-euro pipeline could supply refineries in South- Eastern Europe, Italy, Austria and Bavaria with more than 40,000,000 tons of oil annually. W orld trade is at peak performance. an expansion of refinery capacities in Asia For the sixth year running, the and the Middle East. Due to the greater For further information: shipping business cycle is on the distance from Western consumers, the Hans Dieter Gruben, rise. Despite increasing operating costs demand for shipping will increase, says Country Manager Romania, and slightly decreasing charter rates, the the Lübeck shipping experts’ analysis. Phone: +40 741 159560 world’s trading fleet will continue to grow The number of product tankers on E-Mail: for years to come, says Schiffshypothe- order has risen accordingly, currently kenbank zu Lübeck AG, a ship mortgage amounting to 50.9 per cent of the exist- subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. ing fleet. As with crude oil tankers, there In the tanker sector, order books are is a trend towards larger product tank- New Ship, New Orders brimming. According to calculations of ers. Newbuildings delivered will exceed Maersk brokers in Copenhagen, 423 crude the estimated number of scrapped older Yard number 568, register number 112320 oil tankers are due for delivery by the end tonnages and single-hulled ships by an – mere numbers that conceal plenty of of 2009. Shipbuilders’ order books cur- even greater margin than in the crude oil effort, work and sweat, said Dr Hermann J. rently amount to 27.4 per cent of the exist- tanker segment. Based on current num- Klein, member of Germanischer Lloyd’s Ex- ing fleet. By 2015, the new ships complet- bers, 1,145 ships will be delivered by 2015, ecutive Board, in his speech at the launch- ed will exceed the estimated total number whereas only 644 will be recycled. Never- ing of a 37,000 dwt tanker at Constanta of ships decommissioned by 16 per cent, theless, the analysts are not expecting a Shipyard. The actual naming ceremony say the Deutsche Bank experts. The focus sharp drop in charter rates. was then handled by his wife, Irene. In is on Panamax and larger ships. Prospects for gas are similarly positive. glorious weather the lady vigorously thrust The crude oil tanker market is generally Compared to coal and oil, this source of a bottle of champagne at the new vessel, considered highly cyclical and heavily de- energy is more appealing due to its much giving it the name “Histria Agata”. 180 m in pendent on oil demand, OPEC production lower carbon dioxide emissions. The EU’s length and 32 m wide, the chemical tanker and oil prices. At the beginning of the year, commitment to halving CO2 emissions by is fifth in a series of 17 sister ships being charter rates for VLCC 2020 has accelerated built under GL class. dropped from US$ CO2 emissions the LNG tanker market Trustful cooperation. The subsequent 90,000 to US$ 50,000 considerably. in power generation fuel type festive reception provided an additional due to the mild win- There have been (kg CO2 eq./MWH) reason to celebrate: GL Executive Dr Klein ter of 2006/2007. The speculative newbuild- 800 and Radu Rusen, Managing Director of feasibility limit for this ing orders recently 700 800 Constanta Shipyard, signed the orders for size category is just be- for ships designed to 600 classification of two new, 50,000 dwt, IMO low US$ 44,000. Rising transport natural gas. 500 550 Type 2 chemical tankers. cargo capacities should Market observers are 400 continue to push prices 400 expecting an excess 300 down over the coming tonnage of 20 per cent 200 years. However, the sta- by 2009. This develop- 100 30 ble world economy and 15 ment, according to the 0 especially, the Asian Coal Oil Natur. Wind Nu- Deutsche Bank analy- economies’ rising de- Gas clear sis, is reflected today mand for raw materials in unfeasible charter are expected to dampen this effect. rates (US$ 38,000/day) for LNG vessels The increasing global demand for oil (140,000 m³). By comparison, the LPG products will further boost the product tanker segment is far more stable. The tanker market, as well. This volatile seg- market is controlled by a small number of CEREMONY. Dr Hermann J. Klein, Member ment, highly dependent on seasonal ef- suppliers. Poten & Partners are forecasting of GL’s Executive Board, his wife Irene fects such as temperatures, hurricanes, an annual increase in international indus- and Georghe Bosînceanu (r.), President of inventories or temporary refinery down- trial gases trading by 7.1 per cent on aver- Histria Group. times for maintenance, is benefiting from age by 2011. tankermail 01/2007 3

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