Pond PlantMany people are under the false impression that a pond plant is intended only for pond decoration. However,there...
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Pond Plant

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Pond PlantMany people are under the false impression that a pond plant is intended only for pond decoration. However,there is much more to a pond plant than beautification. By adding a pond plant to your garden pond, you willfind that they not only help enhance the visual aspects of the pond, but also provide the fishes in the pondwith food, oxygen as well as shelter and keeps the pond clean and healthy for the aquatic life to thrive. In thisarticle, we will take a look at how a pond plant can help spruce up your outdoor pond.Different tropical fishes like different types of aquatic plants. There is a wide variety to choose from and youshould choose a type of pond plant that will be suitable for your fishes and those that will help your pond. Mostpet stores and tropical fish shops can provide you with an idea of what type of pond plant will work well in anoutdoor environment. If your pond is large enough, you may want to consider consulting your local greenhouseas they may have a number of different aquatic or pond plants available.A pond plant serves a number of purposes within a pond. The pond plant not only provides a place for thefishes to hide beneath, rest and breed, but also keeps the level of carbon dioxide regulated and controlsthe growth of algae on the surface of the pond. Without a pond plant, you would be forced to make use ofchemicals and other methods to control the environment that may prove to be harmful to the aquatic life andinhabitants of the pond.Freshwater ponds also gain from having a pond plant in them in order to control the environmental conditionsof the water itself. Water lilies not only look gorgeous, but also provide a cool area for fishes to take shelterunder during the hot summer days. Many plants also lure in insects and bugs which is a great secondary foodsource for the inhabitants of the pond. If you are interested in breeding your fishes, then adding a pond plantwill help provide a suitable habitat for your fishes for them to breed and raise their young. Fish often lay eggsin the leaves of the plants and want to do so in a place they think is safe from predators such as birds. A pondplant provides the natural covering necessary to help in the process of breeding.For more information on Pond Plants, including other interesting and informative articles and photos,please click on this link: Pond Plant

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