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According to the results that I got in the questionnaire, I have multimodal learningpreference, but I think I am mostly ki...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Ana Mercedes HernandezRodriguez Major in English Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language (module 6) VARK inventory learning style March 2013Introduction (1)Purpose ReportThe main idea of this report it is to know about the way I learn better using as anexample the VARK inventory, I mean what is the best way for me on achievementsomething new. Although to know how our brain gets information of something andhow our brain processes that data according to develop a learning strategy style.What does Vark mean?VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learningpreferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in andgive-out information.Why is important to know our personal learning style?I understand that knowing our personal learning style help us to recognize the waywe learn better or the way through we understand something better, that´s help usto work with the style that is suitable to our learning. Also knowing our personallearning style makes easiest the way we study, learn, and perform something.Test result and description of my learning style(3)My score were: Visual: 11 Aural:6 Read/Write:6 Kinesthetic:13I have a multimodal (KV) learning preference.
  • 2. According to the results that I got in the questionnaire, I have multimodal learningpreference, but I think I am mostly kinesthetic because if better for me learning bydoing. It is almost the same thing as a little child, because children learn in thatway, they learn seeing or watching someone else doing something it is a good wayto learn something new or get something new in or brain because it will be easiestto remember and perform something, but also I am visual, that is mean I learn byseeing, looking or watching something such as objects, forms, colors, designs,pictures, diagrams, etc.Nevertheless I have to take into account the Aural and Read/Write learning stylebecause there is a lack of potential learning on that area because I got 6 and Ithink I have to improve that area on my learning style.Besides that seeing the obtaining results I could say that I have a mixedcombination of potentialities of the learning style. Also being multimodal is anadvantage because I can adapt to different teachers’ styles.Strategies that apply to my learning preferences (4) INTAKE SWOP OUT PUTaural=6 attendclasses Readmysumm Listen toyourvoices explain new ideas arised notes and writethemdown. tootherpeople aloud. Speakmyanswersalou describe Explainmy dorinsidemy head. theoverheads, notes pictures and toanother othervisualstosomeb aural person. odywhowasnotthereread/writ lists Writeoutthewo Writeexamanswers.e=6 dictionaries rdsagain and Writeyourinformationi glossaries again. ntolists (a, b, c, d or 1, definitions Readyour 2, 3,) textbooks notes (silently) again and again.visual=1 reconstruct the replace words Draw things using1 images in different for symbols diagrams. ways and initials Write exam answers redraw my pages from memorykinesthet allyoursenses - sight, Youwillremem Writepracticeanswers,ic=13 touch, taste, smell, berthe "real" paragraphs... hearing ... thingsthathapp Role laboratories ened. playtheexamsituation lecturerswhogive Talkaboutyour in yourownroom. real-lifeexamples notes applications withanother
  • 3. trial and error "K" person. exhibits, samples, Use pictures photographs... and recipes - photographsth solutionstoproblems, atillustratean previousexampapers idea.ConclusionIn my opinion about the test I could say that it is a way to know rapidly the level inwhich we learn something better taking into account those learning styles, auralread/write, visual, kinesthetic, etc.I agree, I think that results show my learning style in a 75% because I work andlearn things according to that way, visual and kinesthetic those are my learningstyle. Also I often use those communicative activities in order to achieve my goals.Actually I use those communicative activities and strategies to remember thingssaw in class and of course visual things and objects help me to recognize what issomething related to another thing.

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