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Android App Development Updates by Fusion informatics

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Android App Development Updates by Fusion informatics

  • 1. For Immediate Release 28th of December 2012 Ahmedabad www.fusioninformatics.caFusion Informatics Becomes A Major Provider Of Android Application DevelopmentServicesAndroid swept away the Mobile Application industry with its flexibility. This mobile operatingsystem (OS) has been introduced by Google. It totally stirred the smart phone apps market as itwas easily available to the developers for free as it is an open-source platform. The popularity ofAndroid has increased the popularity of Android applications and thus provided an impetus to thegrowth of Android Apps development companies. One such company that has been in the ITindustry for more than decade, has made a mark in the field of Android apps development isFusion Informatics.Fusion Informatics has hired a team of android application developer. These professionals haveexpertise in building Android mobile applications. Fusion before beginning the androidapplication development canada process undertakes a simple evaluation process. After theandroid application development process has been completed it also offers help to its clients ingetting the application approved. With more than a decade in the industry and having providedandroid applications right from the launch of the device, it has honed its expertise. Delivering anumber of projects, it has gained experience in providing an ideal android application. Withcreative designers and skilled android application developers, Fusion Informatics has gainedability to offer quality services that are designed to meet the expectations of the consumer.Fusion Informatics has formed a team of android developers to accomplish android appsdevelopment projects for various clients across the world. These developers are armed withexperience and have witnessed the growth of the smart device, Android. Having developed anumber of clients for international clients, these developers claim to have an edge over otherdevelopers in the industry. They have delivered variety of projects for a number of clients.Fusion Informatics android developers possess profound knowledge on OS X programmingalong with the use of underlying frameworks that are essential to the development of Androidapplications and also for creating innovative android applications.Fusion Informatics team utilizes high end technology to offer customized solutions to its clients.The company has worked on a number of application platforms including Android. Withdedicated specialized android apps development team it works in tandem with clients so that itcan link many of the processes. This ensures seamless working of each application department.Fusion Informatics offers the following Android platform based services: • Android Mobile Application Development • Android Catalogue Application Development • Android Business Application Development • Android Enterprise Application Development • Android Compatible Mobile Website Development • Android Digital eBook Development
  • 2. • Android Social Networking Application • Android GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration • Porting Web App to Android Platform • Porting iOs App to Android Apps • 2.1 ,23 and 4.2 SDK Compatible Android Apps DevelopmentAbout Fusion Informatics:Fusion Informatics Ltd is a top notch IT solutions provider that offers different developmentservices in PHP, iPhone application development, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc. This peopleoriented organization believes in relationships as the basis of business. Equipped with a team ofhighly skilled software engineers and web developers it has built a name for itself when it comesto the IT development arena. It was founded in 2000 and is today successful as an ISO 9001 -2008 certified web and software Development Company in India.

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