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Namah´s Human Centered Interaction Design poster

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Namah´s Human Centered Interaction Design poster

  • 1. Architecture Biology Business process reengineering Ethnography Cognitive science Anthropometry Belgium BE-1210 Brussels Grensstraat 21 rue de la Limite Namahn bvba/sprl Software development Business modeling ign l systems des S afety-critica not is me ” sche sion. n “A a vi Co he rd n a Leo Support engineering and development Document the in creating a high- intended design in quality experience Provide a manage- an appropriately • ment-level overview formal way Inte ra Create a look that is of how the product • ctio or service can be nd • Economics visually appealing esi gn and supports intui- brought to life • training walkthrough Build low-fidelity or high-fidelity tive interactions • simulations of the • • Conceive the initial outline of a design, future experience in • strategy pattern library • debriefing leaving room for order to evaluate, Put information experiment and test and refine €10 in groups and put lateral thinking • • .” Visualize the un- tasks in structures • roll-out ve ng r i derstanding of the in order to increase • plan • se ch efficiency of finding formative style guide 2010 product or service • ob at Create true-to-life usability test that users would and executing Edition w descriptions and • • digital an t rra • ideally construct in asset c s e Generate a multitude visualisation of how navigation • migration u ju i B of ideas, out of the people interact over their minds model annotated design o • path rationale “Y by Yo g drawing t Register how the blue or by combina- tion, and then have time with each other and with technology • animation • board • lo product or service • mood a Reach a deep and should perform and those ideas compete • • • formal understand- which constraints • persona • • dynamic movie Evaluate the ing of how work gets are imposed • semantic mind prototype • role play net map product or service, done, particularly in • coaching Study people and including the organ- the mind of the user • • • • their activities in isational context, brainstorm • diagram safety • service using checklists and • a natural setting storyboard case Clarify current ecology map issues and opportu- • assessment frame- wireframe works nities; reach • • • • • • Management a common ground design • card service governance • goal- portfolio • directed task brief post-it sorting blueprint analysis session analysis • • • panel user • • case scenario of use service assets • cognitive use • cultural design critique task analysis probe • summative usability test • n’t, • or do try.” “Do s no glossary participant • observation ei a her agile • user story • t d Yo collaborative • • requirements tinkering classification specification formal specification • • hierarchical • Pr o d uc t expert review • benchmarking task interaction architecture desi gn “On itecture analysis s’en Information arch gn et p gag esi uis ce d Nap on v e Se r vi • • oléo n Bo oit.” strategy link n apar te brief • analysis • mock-up content analysis • maturity model Concept: Gorik Lindemans | Development: Sander Vermeulen | Content: Tom Stevens Performing arts Cinematography Library science Visual arts Statistics Sociology

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