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Press release-marketing-simulation-games-12-13-02-11

Press release-marketing-simulation-games-12-13-02-11
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1.   Faculty of Management MARWADI EDUCATION FOUNDATION’S GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS RAJKOT 360 003.                                February 18, 2011  MARKETING SIMULATION GAMES AT MEFGI On 12-13 Feb, 2011 Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions, Rajkot organized Marketing Simulation Business Game in the presence of Chief Instructor Dr. Sunil Pevekar and Mr. Vidyut Shenoy from Aksun Centre of Management Excellence, Pune, India. The whole arrangement was facilitated by Dr. Meeta Joshi from the Faculty of Business Management (Marwadi Education Foundation). Total 21 Students had participated in the game. 5 teams were created. This Strategy Business Game stimulates created the competitive spirit between each participants. The purpose of this programme was to focus on outsmarting participants in a friendly game, and learn through the competitiveness. It allowed students to apply the newly acquired theoretical knowledge in a simulated business world. During games, students were very excited about making realistic business decisions and analyze the results of their actions, the important business principles will become a part of their natural thinking. The real case study method gives an opportunity to analyze and solve complex problems. Students perceived the simulation game to be a highly effective learning method, delivering valuable knowledge and skills. In addition, students found the game to be an enjoyable learning approach. Lecturers were enthusiastic about this learning method and continuously updated participants about where they had made mistakes. Overall, the whole activity gave rise to some excellent creative approach in the minds of the participants and helped them to see a new dimension of the spectrum. Dr. S. Chinnam Reddy Dean, Faculty of Management

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