Poolside Safety Measures
Pool and water play can be so much fun especially in the hot summer months. Children, teens
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Poolside Safety Measures

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Poolside Safety Measures Pool and water play can be so much fun especially in the hot summer months. Children, teens and adults alike are naturally attracted and drawn to water and enjoywater-based activities as part of the Australian family lifestyle. Danger and accidents, however, lurk where care is not taken. Thus, preventive pool safety measures must be observed to avert accidental drowning. 1. Ground Rules Keep kids safe by arming them with knowledge and information. Teach them how to swim and to respect the water and its dangers. Drill into them the value of following rules for safety. Instruct children how to ask or call for help in cases of emergency. 2. Adult Supervision Even with the best and the behaved, children forget rules when they are enjoying themselves. This is why an adult must be around to patrol and keep watch constantly when kids are in the vicinity of a pool. Toddlers must be within reach of an alert and responsible adult at all times. 3. Install Fencing As another line of defence, fencing can be useful as deterrent for wandering and unsupervised children. Effective barriers need to be installed because these can restrict unauthorised access to pools,especially when there is no adult supervision. Cases of drowningin pools are tragic because many of these are avoidable. In fact, falling or wandering into the water is the number one cause of deaths by accidental drowning. Thesecases were not limited to young children alone. Because of this, Australian legislation states that a barrier is a requirement for all pools with water depths of at least 300mm. According to KidSafe Western Australia, a national child accident prevention foundation, seventy-five percent (75%) of swimming pool drownings could have been prevented had isolation fencing and functioning gates been in place. It is, therefore, an important life-saving effort that pool barriers must meet Australian Standards requirements. From the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the top two circumstances that were associated with drowning and near-drowning cases of children in Brisbane were the absence and inadequacy of a pool fence. Crystal Glassbuild – Glass Pool Fencing Specialist in Gold Coast addresses these problems with superior glass works and hardware that comply with relevant Australian Standards. Top quality glass balustrades products fromCrystal Glassbuild provide sleek, modern and practical safety solutions to Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Northern NSW pool owners, adding class and value to their whole property. http://www.crystalglassbuild.com.au/

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