FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 29, 2012Press Contact:Elizabeth Gordon, “DUMB...
FATELINK PRODUCTIONS/ “DUMBASS FILMMAKERS!” – Page 2odd genius of inspiring others to believe in his vision creates comedi...
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Press Release - Dumbass Filmmakers!

This press release for our original comedy web series "Dumbass Filmmakers!" has helped us get more than 10 articles written in blogs, magazines and newspapers around the world (yes, we've been covered in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia). We highlighted the appearance of True Blood's Dale Raoul in our show as well as the unique content.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Release - Dumbass Filmmakers!

  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 29, 2012Press Contact:Elizabeth Gordon, “DUMBASS FILMMAKERS!” DEBUTS JULY 10 “TRUE BLOOD” STAR DALE RAOUL JOINS CAST OF COMEDY WEBSERIES EXPLORING BISEXUALITY AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS In “Dumbass Filmmakers!” Dale Raoul (“True Blood”) plays disgusted mom BrendaWinters, whose son creates art installations and performance pieces she despises. So HarrisonDeWinter (Hunter Lee Hughes, “Winner Takes All”) assembles a group of losers to make atransition from wacky installation artist to filmmaker despite his mother’s castratingindifference. The show’s first episodes will premiere at 8 p.m. on July 10th at Goethe Institut-Los Angeles at an invite-only event, followed by a countdown to its online kick-off at 9:30 p.m. The naïve Harrison truly believes his movie will inspire others to save the environment,protest injustice and embrace bisexuality. But when it comes to actually making the movie,Harrison can’t depend on his quixotic imagination alone. He turns to Vicki Moretti (ElizabethGordon, “Astral Projection Can Kill You”), an organized but lonely young woman who only wantsto produce the movie to fill a void in her love life. Harrison feels confident that with Vicki inplace, his artistic vision will soon materialize. But unexpected obstacles arise when Vicki fightsto block vulnerable rising star Bobby Tulane (Justin Schwan, “Cutback”) from securing the leadrole he so earnestly deserves. Unlike Vicki, Bobby actually understands Harrison’s movie,making Bobby irrestible to Harrison, but uber-threatening to Vicki’s insecurities. Caught in themiddle is mischievous casting director Scott Fleischman (Jimmy Dinh, “America’s Got Talent”),who hopes to somehow profit from the experience. “Dumbass Filmmakers!” explores an unimportant man’s drive to produce something“important.” Although the character of Harrison is profoundly incompetent at storytelling, his -more-
  • 2. FATELINK PRODUCTIONS/ “DUMBASS FILMMAKERS!” – Page 2odd genius of inspiring others to believe in his vision creates comedic tension. While Harrisonstrives – with some success - to connect to an unconscious creative energy, he lacks an abilityto process his imagination and is both innocently and tragically clueless at navigating theinterpersonal politics of materializing a project in the real world. “Dumbass Filmmakers!” was created by producing partners Hunter Lee Hughes andElizabeth Gordon. The series’ first season was written and directed by Mr. Hughes. Dale Raoul (“Brenda Winters”) is best known for her role as Maxine Fortenberry onHBO’s vampire series “True Blood.” She’s a veteran character actress who has worked in amyriad of stage, film and television productions. Hunter Lee Hughes (“Harrison DeWinter,” Writer/Director) makes his directorial debutwith “Dumbass Filmmakers!” He previously wrote “Fate of the Monarchs,” which garnered aCritic’s Pick from Backstage West and “The Sermons of John Bradley,” for which he was namedBest Actor by in the 2008-2009 “Best of Stage” list. In addition to acting indozens of stage productions in Los Angeles, Hughes also wrote, produced and starred in“Winner Takes All”, which premiered at the 35th annual Atlanta Film Festival before screening atten international film festivals and landing a distribution deal through Guest House Films. Elizabeth Gordon (“Vicki Moretti,” Producer) has produced a number of theatricalproductions, including “The Sermons of John Bradley” with Fatelink. She also produced theshort film “Winner Takes All.” Ms. Gordon created her own original series called “Untitled WordProject,” which premiered in 2008 and she has performed in shows throughout L.A. and OrangeCounty to rave reviews in Backstage West and StageSceneLA. Jimmy Dinh (“Scott Fleischman”) made Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne take noticeon last season’s “America’s Got Talent.” Although they didn’t clear Mr. Dinh to the next round,Mandel and Osbourne complimented him for his comedic instincts. Justin Schwan (“BobbyTulane”) played the lead role in “Cutback,” which recently honored at the San Diego ChristianFilm Festival and went to #5 at the dvd sales chart. On July 10th, the first three episodes will premiere at Goethe Institut-Los Angeles,followed by a ceremony/countdown of the online kickoff at 9:30 p.m. sharp (PST). For moreinformation, go to The episodes will launch to YouTube( and Vimeo ( ###

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