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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Press releaseCMN Surpasses $500 Million in Billed Charges 12 March 2012Toronto, ON – CMN is pleased to announce that in combination with GMMI, Europ Assistance Group’s othercost containment firm based in Florida, they have surpassed $500 million in annual U.S. healthcare billedcharges for 2011.“Managing more than half a billion dollars in annual billed charges is a significant achievement for the teams atCMN and GMMI, and puts our combined Europ Assistance cost containment portfolio into a unique leadershipposition in the industry based on size and service capabilities. With one of the largest portfolios of internationalpatients seeking treatment options in the U.S., we are able to negotiate deeper discounts and better pricing atleading healthcare facilities, which in turn significantly reduces the healthcare costs of our clients. Our focus onreducing net health costs while providing excellent patient support continues to win the support of our clientsand attract new business.” says Alex Kroon, President and CEO, CMN Global Inc. and President, GMMI.“In 2011, our combined entities were able to achieve significantly more savings for our clients through ourvarious techniques. Higher penetration and increased savings through improved contracts were definitely key.”says Peter Lozier, Chief Network Officer, CMN Global Inc.To learn more about CMN, please visit our website at; to learn more about GMMI,please visit their website at CMNCMN Global Inc., a Europ Assistance Group Company, is recognized as the service leader in borderlesshealthcare management and cost containment. Founded in 1995, CMN is an international health managementcompany that assists clients – including insurance companies and government entities, and their insuredmembers – to successfully navigate the increasingly complex global healthcare system with economic ease.As a member of the Europ Assistance Group, the company that created the concept of Travel Assistance over40 years ago, CMN is able to provide clients with access to an exceptional international network. With apresence on five continents, and a network consisting of over 7,000 acute care facilities and over 400,000physicians and specialists offering assistance in over 130 countries, CMN is your most experienced andtrusted partner for unrivalled access to the best medical care in the world. Our medical case management,North American and international proprietary provider networks, customized services, and technology are allseamlessly interwoven to ensure patients receive the best-possible medical care and service, while reducingand managing our clients’ risks and costs.Press contactBrad LoderDirector of MarketingTel. : 905.669.4333E-mail : bloder@cmn-global.comNbr of pages 1 Page 1CMN Inc.150 Commerce Valley Drive West, 9th Floor - L3T 7Z3 Thornhill - Ontario - Canada - Tel. 905.669.4333 - Fax

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