Maintenance kits are a great way to save money on tool maintenance and repair. Maintenance kits provide parts for tune-ups...
Popular Power Tool Maintenance Kits
Popular Power Tool Maintenance Kits
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Popular Power Tool Maintenance Kits

Read the benefits and power you can get from specific power tool kits! Some are better than others, and some are used for specific projects. Learn the know how of your kit!
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Popular Power Tool Maintenance Kits

  • 1. Maintenance kits are a great way to save money on tool maintenance and repair. Maintenance kits provide parts for tune-ups, specific parts replacement, and even complete tool overhauls.<br />We explain the general benefits and specific details below of the Maintenance Kits offered on our website's Accessories section. Tool owners can save money on parts and shipping by taking advantage of manufacturer maintenance kits, not to mention repair time.<br /> <br />Benefits of Tool Maintenance Kits<br />There are several reasons that make maintenance kits a smart buy:<br />1. Parts that come in maintenance kits usually need to be replaced at the same time.<br />For example, tune-up kits include a spark plug and filters needed for a full tune-up.<br />2. Customers save money on shipping by ordering the parts all at once.<br />3. Customers save money on parts by ordering them together in a kit.<br />4. Customers save time on repairs by replacing kit parts at the same time.<br />Especially in the case of air nailer kits (like piston kits and overhaul kits), replacing all the parts included in the kit can prevent future tool failure. <br />Using power tool maintenance kits is good time and money saving habit to get into, especially for air nailers and gas-powered equipment.<br />Power Nailer Maintenance Kits<br />Pneumatic nailers are prime candidates for maintenance kits for two reasons: they have a lot moving parts, and it takes several parts to maintain their airtight seals. In addition, nailers are among the most heavily used power tools in the industry.<br />Nailer overhaul and driver kits refurbish air nailers so owners can benefit from their tool's true service life expectancy.<br />Nailer Overhaul Kits<br />A leaking or poorly-performing nailer is usually the first indication that the it needs to be overhauled. Because of this, overhaul kits for pneumatic nailers are one part repair kit and one part maintenance kit.<br />Even though it's possible that just one part of the nailer is causing it to leak or malfunction, replacing all the parts included in the overhaul kit will prevent future failures.<br />Overhaul Maintenance Kit for the Porter Cable DA250 Nailer<br />Depending on the nailer, an overhaul kit can include the following parts:<br />O-rings<br />bumper<br />trigger valve<br />gaskets<br />seals<br />lubrication<br />wrenches<br />manufacturer repair instructions<br />Most of the time, an aged rubber seal or O-ring is the cause of a nailer leak, and since all the rubber components in a nailer are usually the same age, a failure in one rubber part often means the impending failure of other rubber parts. It's best to just replace them all at once.<br /> <br />Nailer Driver Kits<br />Driver kits are similar to overhaul kits because a nailer will usually act up when it needs driver maintenance. If your nailer isn't firing nails, or if it's misfiring nails, it might be time for a driver maintenance kit.<br />Nailer drivers see a lot of friction and wear, and the parts around them contribute to a nail gun's airtight seal. Like with overhaul kits, it's best to replace all the parts in a driver kit all at once. <br />Driver Maintenance Kit for the Porter Cable BN200A Nailer<br />The parts included in a driver kit may also vary depending on the model, but here's a short list of the parts that might be included:<br />driver<br />bumper<br />gaskets<br />lubrication<br />Wrenches<br />manufacturer repair instructions<br />The instructions included in both types of nailer maintenance kits are detailed and accurate, giving tool owners the information they need to perform their repairs at home.<br /> <br />Gas Engine Maintenance Kits<br />Maintenance kits for lawn & garden equipment work similarly to nailer kits, but they tend to have fewer parts. Gas-powered machines like trimmers, blowers, lawn mowers, and pressure washers all have similar tune-up and repair needs. Many manufacturers provide service kits for their models.<br />We explain the ins and outs of two common types of lawn & garden maintenance kits: tune-up and fuel line kits.<br />The examples we've selected correspond to Echo brand trimmers, but similar kits are available for many outdoor equipment brands.<br />Tune-Up Kits<br />Every engine tune-up requires at least three parts:<br /> fuel filter<br /> air filter<br /> spark plug<br />Because there's rarely a reason to replace just one of the three parts included in a tune-up, it makes sense to save a little money on parts and shipping by purchasing them all together.<br />Tune-Up Kit for Echo Trimmers (select models)<br />Whatever tool category it falls in, check to see if your tool's manufacturer provides tune-up kits for your tool's gas engine when it's time for yearly maintenance.<br />Buying tune-up parts in kits also makes ordering easier and ensures accuracy.<br /> <br />Fuel System Maintenance Kits<br />Fuel lines and other fuel system parts eventually break down with age, especially parts that soak in the engine's fuel tank. Without occasional replacement, fuel lines will eventually crack and prevent the engine from starting or running correctly.<br />Fuel system maintenance kits include:<br /> fuel lines<br /> grommet<br /> fuel filter<br />If your tool is gas-powered, you can check its parts lists for maintenance kits like this one. Many manufacturers offer maintenance, tune-up, and rebuilt kits for several of an engine's systems.<br /> <br />Conclusion<br />Visit the Maintenance Kits page to see our selection of Porter Cable air nailer overhaul and driver kits.<br />To find available manufacturer maintenance and repair kits for your tool model, enter your tool's model number in the search field at the top of the page. Your tool's parts page will include any available kits.<br />

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