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News & Support 3
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. News and Support No 3 — September 2010 “Working with Difference” - Making a DifferenceEditorial Upward Bullying—An HR manager recently refusedNews & Support will now be circulated at the be- to accept an accusation of bullying made by a managerginning of each month. against a member of her own staff team. She was told that upward bullying does not exist, because the managerIt has been very busy since the last issue, withplenty of response from both News & Support always has the power on her side.and the Equality Edge blog. Many thanks to the Bullying is a power issue, but it maybe other thanrespondents for taking the time to make contact. hierarchical power. In this circumstance the social andSocial media is proving to be a valuable addition cultural power was all with the junior member of Equality Edge’s information circulation. HR personnel must understand that bullying, as an expression of power, can exist within all interpersonal relationships, irrespective of management level orGetting on Better - A Case Study organisational position.Some months ago, I was asked to mediate between a managerand his newly appointed deputy. He had been accused ofusing inappropriately endearing language towards her despite A Global Perspectivehaving been asked to stop. It had continued until she decided How does selling a product or service abroad differ fromto take out a grievance against him. selling locally? This question was recently asked of EqualityThe power in the relationship appeared to be with him; a Edge during a workshop. Why should there be any differencewhite, 58 year old man and the manager, she was a 27 year was the response. You have to understand the needs of theold black woman and the deputy. customers, individually and as a whole market, in the same way you do when selling in the UK.However, neither of them acknowledged their full diversity.He suggested he had no diversity; not recognising the The advice given was to remember that the global market isinfluence of his working-class, poorly educated background or made up of countless local markets. What is essential is tothe fact that he was brought up in Londons End by recognise and understand that people in different parts of themarket-trader parents, where "love" and "darling" were part of world have cultural and social differences you must respondeveryday speech patterns. The use of this language was a part to. If you do then overseas markets can open up for you.of his identity. He failed to recognise the impact hisbackground had on his behaviour.She, on the other hand, was degree educated and middle class, Top Equality Tips for Managershaving explored language and its impact. During coaching 1. Always be clear and unambiguous. Lack of clarity is a certainsessions she explained how his language clashed with her recipe to being misunderstood or misrepresented. Check outsense of being a strong women. She described the historical that your staff have understood the messages you give.perspective of cultural and gender subjugation and how she 2. Know your own prejudices. No-one is free of all prejudices, sofelt his language belittled her identity. She never acknowledge make sure you know where yours are. If you are able tothe power associated with her education and use of language. recognise and name a prejudice, it is far less likely to presentOnce they had recognised the complexity of their respective itself. Don’t forget a prejudice in action is discrimination.positions they were able to reach an amicable solution. Heagreed to stop using the terms of endearment, though knew it 3. Never be too proud to apologise. A simple “sorry” is a powerfulwould be hard and might slip up occasionally (58 years of management tool. Apologising gains staff respect.socialised learning does not change overnight) and shewithdrew the grievance. They agreed to keep communicating Equality Edge Social Media Detailsabout their relative differences. Twitter - @Equality_Edge with regular daily postsThrough a “Working with Difference” intervention, the LinkedIn - Michael Lassman daily updatesconflict was resolved and with both protagonists benefitingfrom a deeper understanding of the position of ‘the other’. Blog - weekly postsThe Equality Edge “Working with Difference” project can help repair dysfunctional or awkward manage-rial relationships. Sometimes people need help and support in getting the best out of management andsupervision. A brief coaching course, for an individual or small group can help maximise the benefit ofmanagement time and increase effectiveness. Please contact for a no-obligation, confidential discussion. ©Equality Edge 6 Argyle Road London N12 7NU 020 8445 8447

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