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News & Support 2
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. News and Support No 2 — July 2010 “Working with Difference” - Making a DifferenceEDITORIAL Check out the New Blog How important is it to have an active blog? As Equality EdgeMany thanks for the amazing response to issue one of has a message to give, a blog seems like an ideal opportunityNews & Support. As a result of the circulation, there has for regular statements and comments. Workshops on the usebeen a 20% increase in the mailing list—so thanks to all of social media in business, suggest that with Twitter andwho passed it on to colleagues and friends. LinkedIn, the blog should be an integral part of a company’sThis issue presents a brief case study, which shows how public image.vulnerable managers are to accusations of bullying. Social media detail below.EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL (reference) International Association on WorkplaceFollowing the figures quoted in June’s N&S, one reader asked Bullying & Harassment.where the statistics came from.The figures came directly from the Employment Tribunal’s The IAWBH is a member organisation of theorists andStatistics (GB) Report1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009. practitioners working in the field from all round the world. It offers an opportunity to explore work and re- search other people who are looking to reduce theExpectations are too high - A Case Study negative impact of workplace bullying and harassment.A highly accomplished manager working in a medium sized A member benefit, is access to the Special Interestcompany was accused of intimidating younger members of Group (SIG) discussions on relevant topics. Have a lookthe staff team. Three had taken out a grievance against him at their website for more details.over a four year period. The HR manager was put in a positionwhere she had to investigate.The team never missed a deadline, were always high achievers Top Equality Tips for Managersand most had been loyal to the company for many years. Theyall thought their manager was “the best manager”; so why was 1. Ensure managers are diversity competent. Offering equalityit that there was a problem with younger people. training doesn’t ensure legislative requirements are met. PlaceEquality Edge was brought in to offer coaching to the manager equality best practice at the heart of learning and help him understand his role in the grievances. He had 2. Provide diversity coaching for senior managers. With diversitygiven all the staff plenty of scope to handle their work load in coaching, senior managers can help engender a culture oftheir own way, which they achieved with great proficiency. inclusiveness, understanding and tolerance in the staff team.He offered regular praise for achievement and success. 3. Check out your organisation management culture. AggressiveThe manager was not so tolerant of those who took time over or abrasive management, at the top of a staff team, can easilytasks and needed, what he described as, “unnecessary lead to an accepted management style for the organisationadditional support”. He appeared to lack understanding of and expose managers to future accusations of bullying.what it was like to be inexperienced or among older people .One accused him of being “over aggressive and bullying”.During coaching sessions, the manager explored how he had Free Services - Equality Edge is offering,come to expect such high standards of himself and others. He to the first respondents to this advert,remembered being a young worker and how he had struggled two FREE coaching sessions or a FREE half-daywith demands of an over-powering boss. He was disappointedthat he had become like this former employer. He recognised a workshop. (Conditions apply)need to adopt a softer and more tolerant approach towardsstaff; not to expect the same output from inexperienced Equality Edge Social Media Detailsworkers that he got from the more experienced team members. Twitter - @Equality_Edge with regular daily postsThe intervention enabled the department to develop, improv- LinkedIn - Michael Lassman daily updatesing communication for all. Since the management coachingcourse, no further problem has arisen. Blog - weekly postsEquality Edge offers service to help organisations fulfil their legal requirement. In dispute management, impartiality ismaintained enabling mutually acceptable resolutions to be found. Programmes help minimise the negative impact ofbullying at work, reducing long term sick leave and improving staff morale and productivity. This will cut potentiallyexorbitant legal fees, ET compensation or compromise agreement pay-offs. No more will you be a hostage to the lose/lose scenario — we can find the win-win solution. Contact for a no-obligation and confidential discussion. ©Equality Edge 6 Argyle Road London N12 7NU 020 8445 8447

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