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Nagra - Project Server 2010 Case Study

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nagra - Project Server 2010 Case Study

  • 1. Microsoft Project Server 2010 Customer Solution Case Study Digital Security Firm Makes More Efficient, Data-Driven Decisions About IT Projects “With Project Server 2010, we can manage the entireCustomer:Nagra life cycle of the project, from the project request all Size:3,000 employees way through to tracking benefits.”(Kudelski Group) Pascal Paltz, Head of the IT Project Office, NagraCountry or Region:SwitzerlandIndustry:Media and entertainment—Radio, television, cable and satellite The Nagra IT departmentneededmore transparency in makingPartner:Kennebec Group decisions abouta growing number of project requests. To thatPartner Website: end, it implemented Microsoft Project Server 2010, which integrates portfolio planning with project management. WithCustomer ProfileNagra, a division of the Kudelski Group, Project Server 2010, Nagra now can manage projects fromprovides technologies for digital request to benefits tracking, has improved the quality of datatelevision. Based in Cheseaux,Switzerland, the Kudelski Group had 2010 collected in proposals, and has increased project managers’revenues of 1 billion Swiss francs productivity.(U.S.$1.2 billion). Business NeedsSoftware and Services Nagra, a division of the Kudelski Group, However, Nagra was concerned about its Microsoft Server Product Portfolio provides digital security and convergent processes for choosing new projects. “The − Microsoft Project Server 2010 media solutions for digital television. way that IT made decisions about which − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Based in Cheseaux, Switzerland, the projects to pursue lacked transparency,” Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Kudelski Group employs about 3,000 says Pascal Paltz, Head of the IT Project Technologies people. Its 2010 revenues were 1 billion Office at Nagra. Thus, other departments − Microsoft Project Web App Swiss francs (U.S.$1.2 billion). struggled to understand why their projects would get selected or rejected.Hardware The Nagra IT department supports digital Dell PowerEdge R905server computers television activities with a variety of Indeed, the department’s portfolio HP ProLiantBL685c G7 server projects, some infrastructure or integration management processes were vague and computers projects sponsored by IT itself and others cumbersome. The Nagra IT staff logged sponsored by departments such as and tracked project requests using a Research & Development (R&D) or Sales. custom-designed spreadsheet in MicrosoftFor more information about other Nagra has long used Microsoft Office Office Excel 2003 spreadsheet softwareMicrosoft customer successes, please visit: Project Server 2007 to manage 1,100 and a template in Microsoft Office projects, 100 of which were in IT. 2003. “It was difficult, with a single
  • 2. template, to validate that we had all the Projects proposed toNagra IT now go Manage Entire Project Life Cyclerequired information at a sufficient level of through formalized stage gates in Project “With Project Server 2010, we can managequality,” Paltz says. Such poor information Server 2010, including one to consider the entire lifecycle of the project, from thehampered decision making. developing a business case and another to project request all the way through to evaluate that business case. A project tracking benefits,” Paltz says. TheNagra sought a way to improve its project sponsor and project manager develop the integration of portfolio management andselection and the tracking of its project business case using customized templates project management overcame theportfolio. that collect specific information about company’s initial concern about Office expected project resource requirements, Project Portfolio Server 2007. IncreasedSolution timelines, and benefits. Projects that are transparency automatically providesIn July 2008, Nagra investigated Microsoft selected can then be compared with the executives and other departments withOffice Project Portfolio Server 2007. “Our business case throughout their life cycles. valuable information on portfolioproof of concept showed that the tool selections and ongoing projects.corresponded to our needs for portfolio Paltz has eliminated the spreadsheets andmanagement,” says Paltz. “But we were Microsoft Office Word templates formerly Improve Data Quality for Proposedconcerned about its integration with Office used in project evaluations. He and project ProjectsProject Server 2007.” As a result, the managers can evaluate and report on With refined and standardized processes,company decidedagainst the software. projects directly from either the full client, formalized gates, and templates Microsoft Project Professional 2010, or the customized to its business needs, NagraIn October 2009, Nagra IT decided to web client, Microsoft Project Web App. can make more informed decisions aboutredesign its project portfolio management Next year, Nagra will compile the IT proposed projects. “With Project Serverprocesses. Over the next year and a half, the department project budget using Project 2010, we have improved the quality ofcompany worked with the Kennebec Group, Server 2010 rather than spreadsheets. data collected in the business case whena Microsoft partner specializing in project projects are proposed,” Paltz says. “And byand portfolio management and governance Paltz also uses data on the skills needed formalizing the process of defining thesolutions.To support those new processes, for proposed projects to manage long- business case with Project Server 2010, wein March 2011 NagraIT implemented Project term organizational capacity. “With Project can create a more consistent long-termServer 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 we can have more confidence project roadmap.”Server 2010. The software runs on a in our longer-term roadmap,” Paltz says.virtualized server farm of Dell PowerEdge Raise Productivity of Project StaffR905 and HP ProLiant BL685c G7 server Two other departments at Nagraare now Nagra has used Project Server 2010 tocomputers. The solution was in the process of implementing Project improve the productivity of projectinitiallydeployedto about 100 IT users, Server 2010 for both project and portfolio managers. Paltz says, “To take onealthough it is configured to support up to management. “I’m pleased that our example, in developing the budget, Project3,000 usersto accommodate growth. example convinced them to use the same Server 2010 is saving us a month’s worth approach and tool,” Paltz says. of effort on the part of two people.” TheProject Server 2010 is built on SharePoint most significant productivity enhancementServer 2010, and Nagra takes advantage of Benefits is the link between Project Server 2010 andthat interoperation. Each project is linked to Nagra is using Project Server 2010 to SharePoint Server 2010. “Because Projecta SharePoint site. The project type support the entire project lifecycle, Server 2010 is built on SharePoint Serverdetermines which SharePoint template is improve the quality of data on proposed 2010, we can design schedules, workflows,used to set up schedules, workflows, projects, and increase project staff and other SharePoint templates for eachreports, issue registers, risk registers, and productivity through better use of project type, rather than having one set ofother project documents. templates and efficient procedures. templates for all project types,” Paltz says.This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published September 2011

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