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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Presentation Signpost ExpressionsStarting Moving from section to sectionGood morning/afternoon/evening (everyone, So let me start by... explaining the backgroundladies and gentlemen, colleagues) So I’ll start with... Right, so first...Thank you very much for inviting me to speakhere today. Well moving onto...I am honored to have the opportunity to share Next I’ll talk about...our research with you here today. Right, was that clear? So I’ll move onto...I am happy to have this chance to speak to you(all) today about... Well, what does this all mean? So what is the significance of this?Introducing topic Let’s take a moment to look at a few otherToday I’m going to talk about... reports... So what have other people said about this?As you can see, I’m here today to talk to youabout... OK, so what’s next...Explaining structure Right, I’ll introduce/share our materials and methods.(Especially important if the structure of yourtalk is a little different from normal, or you have So finally,a very long presentation with many parts). That brings us to my last point.I’ve divided my presentation into Looking at visualstwo/three/four/several parts. Now let’s look at...First, I’ll explain XXX and then I’ll move onto May I focus your attention on the table / chart/talk about... figure You’ll notice that...Showing respect for listener’s knowledge OK so you can see a summary of our results here...As you may know,As you can see, Pls focus on the second row / the postAs you may be aware, operative findings in patient 2I know many of you are familiar with...Many of you may have performed...I am sure, you are all familiar with X’s work on
  • 2. Underlining points: Finishing up:Please remember that... I hope my rather rapid explanation was clear.It’s important to remember that... Thank you very much for your attention.This is important/significant because... Thank you for listening.You’re probably thinking that... and you’re right Well that’s all from me today. It’s been a great/ but this would be a mistake... pleasure to share this with you today.Please notice that... Thank you very much.Note this point: Starting question-timeReferring backwards and forwards ’ll be happy to answer questions...You’ll remember I said... If you have any questions, I’ll be happy toJust to repeat what I said earlier, answer them.As I mentioned earlier... Does anyone have any questions?Do you remember I said...? OK, so question time! Anyone...?I’ll talk more about this later. Unfortunately we seem to have run out of time.Don’t worry if this isn’t so clear now, I’ll explain If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to trythe details later... to answer them privately.../ you can see myMore on this later on. email address here...The details will come later.Can I come back to this point? Responding to tricky questionsReferring to study weaknesses Thank you... it’s a good question and one we are trying to address in our follow up studies.You may be able to see the weaknesses inour study. Ah yes. That occurred to us too. We tried toOf course our study cannot conclusively say account for it by...that...We need to look at X in more detail and a I’m afraid I have no idea! Perhaps we can lookfurther study with Y might confirm our at that in more detail in a follow up study. Dofindings. you have any suggestions?Summarizing Let me check I understand you clearly. Do you mean...?OK, so in summary... So do you mean...?So where does this leave us? Well we need So are you saying...?to:We can agree that... Could you repeat that?Our main point is that: I didn’t quite catch that... I’m not sure I’m following you...We have raised the following questions:Our study has proved that: I’m afraid my English is failing me.We believe our study presents conclusiveproof that... Ah... I’m afraid I don’t have that informationWe believe our study raises many questions with me now. If I can get your email addressabout... after this session, I’ll mail it to you.We believe our study may be the first step in...

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