Radio Advert Analysis Sheet (Nando’s)
This advert that we analysed was a famous food franchise called Nando’s advert from...
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Nando's radio advert analysis sheet

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nando's radio advert analysis sheet

  • 1. Radio Advert Analysis Sheet (Nando’s) This advert that we analysed was a famous food franchise called Nando’s advert from a few years ago. It was the standard 30 seconds which featured a little bit of what is on offer Nando’s. The target audience is mainly aimed at younger people, but Nando’s are trying to broaden their audience by inviting customers to go to their restaurant, because everyone is accepted there. The overall attempt of this advert was to try and attract all types of people to come to Nando’s by using the slogan, “it’s okay” after suggesting ideas of feeling left out/alone or feeling different such as “If you are a warden of the traffic, it’s okay” to make the audience feel accepted there. The types of voices used were a stereo-type of a middle aged Mexican man talking about chicken. The tone of the voice was in a jokey, informal way, to make it seem more familiar and comfortable to the audience. I think it was a good idea to use this Mexican style voice as in the catch phrase of “it’s okay”, it makes it stick in the listeners head because it’s simple and repetitive which makes it memorable. The jokey and informal tone makes Nando’s feel more relaxed to the audience which would make the listener want to visit. Legal issues within this advert include the stereo-type of a Mexican voice. The RACC (Commercial Radio Advertising Clearance Body) has rules for commercials to follow. One of their policies on racial issues includes, ‘Jokes about different races, light-hearted scenarios involving racial stereotypes and the use of foreign accents in advertisements have the potential to offend.’ Which this advert, I think, isn’t necessarily racist, but the section from 7 seconds in to 12 seconds in, it mentions a bad stereotype of Mexican women stating, ‘if you have eyebrows that meet in the middle like my sister Paulao, it’s okay’, which can be viewed as mildly racist, and some people could take offence. The tag lines were mainly “it’s okay” as mentioned before and “The spirit of Nando’s” which was mentioned at the beginning of the advert and again at the end. This one wasn’t as catchy but still sticks in the listeners head as the ‘spirit’ of a food franchise is a bit weird therefore it makes it standout. The company name of ‘Nando’s’ was mentioned a total of three times, which was once at the beginning and twice at the end. No contact details were mentioned as Nando’s are everywhere and you can easily google a location or download the android app of Nando’s. The backing music used was similar to that of a mariachi band or Mexican type upbeat music, which is known to get people in an upbeat mood and or dancing such as the Dorito’s advert which features a mariachi band. The main purpose of this advert was to advertise to everyone information about Nando’s, such as what’s on offer besides dishes with chicken. Overall, I think the repetitiveness of the advert works well due to the slogan being stuck in the listeners head. I also think the humorous style of the advert works well as Nando’s have never really taken there selves seriously and like to play up to this factor.