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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1.  July 12 2012Singapore Press ReleaseBenzene International Pte Ltd (BIPL) are very pleased to announce full ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 & OHSAS 18001: 2007 accreditation . Benzene International Pte Ltd are fullycommitted to their management systems and use them to help grow their business giving theirclients a good quality product, with quality service which is delivered in an environmentallyfriendly and safe manner."Wed like to thank Bureau Veritas for their assistance as well as House of Quality , Singapore ,our external consultant who guided us through the process. In the process of achieving the ISO9001:2008 certification, we strongly feel that Benzene International Pte Ltd as a company hasgained in value. From this exercise, we have become familiar with the requirements of the ISO9001:2008 standards. We would like to share with you the commitment, perseverance, and vasteffort put forth by all of our employees in a comprehensive review of our Quality Systems.ISO 14001 is a standard designed to enable businesses to implement an effective EnvironmentalManagement System (EMS). Its purpose is to create a balance between profitability and reducingenvironmental impacts. Benzene International Pte Ltd and all our employees are very passionate about the environmentand reducing environmental impacts, we feel that ISO 14001 a key accreditation for Budget Packto have gained, along with ISO 9001 and 18001.ISO 18001 is designed to assist businesses with controlling occupational health and safety risks,which fits alongside ISO 14001. The purpose is to promote a healthy and safe workingenvironment, minimise risks and improve the overall company performance.We would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere gratitude to our suppliers andcustomers. Our customers have shown us the value of high expectations and the feedback youhave provided to us has proven invaluable in our refinement process.Thanking YouNarayanan Ellango  10, Bukit Batok Crescent | #04‐04 The Spire | Singapore 658079.   T +65 63372735 | F +65 63372734.   E sales@benzeneinternational.com | E benzene@starhub.net.sg | W www.benzeneinternational.com  Every care has been taken in the preparation of this information. To the extent permitted by applicable law, all warranties and/or representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information are disclaimed, and no liability is accepted for the accuracy or completeness of the same.© 2003 Benzene International Pte Ltd .The Benzene International logotype (and any other trademarks) are trademarks of Benzene International Pte Ltd or one of its subsidiaries.

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