SSQ Group is in its 30th year specialising in Natural Slate and Phyllite
specifications. We are one of the world’s majo...
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Natural Slate Roofing CPD seminar

Understand all you need to know about natural slate roofing for your projects and ensure that you get the perfect natural slate roof every time. No more need to settle for imitation products, this CPD shows you how to specify and choose natural slate correctly
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural Slate Roofing CPD seminar

  • 1. SSQ Group is in its 30th year specialising in Natural Slate and Phyllite specifications. We are one of the world’s major suppliers and producers of Natural Slate and Phyllite for roofing, cladding and architectural applications. 1. Why Specify Natural Slate for Roofing and Cladding? 2. Phyllite: Natural Stone Flooring and Cladding †† SEMINAR 1 †† SEMINAR 2 †† LEARNING AIMS †† ALSO AVAILABLE • Why Natural Slate? • Typical design possibilities, applications and challenges • Slate vs the alternatives • Quality and Performance: what to look for when assessing roofing slates and interpreting test certificates • Specify in safety: the key to ensuring problem-free slate specification • Useful case studies • An understanding of what natural phyllite is • Information on what the advantages are of using it • Phyllite compared to other quality dimensional stones • The need to obtain an EN certificate and how to interpret it • An illustration of the different applications of the material • Useful case studies • Be confident in the use of natural slate and phyllite for a variety of applications • Understand why natural slate and phyllite makes such good roofing, cladding and architectural material • Correctly specify natural slate & highlight the main pitfalls of natural slate specification Seminar handout Bespoke Natural Slate sample pack Product literature †† DURATION 45 minutes including time for questions and answers and lunch provided. CORE CURRICULUM BEING SAFE CLIMATE EXTERNAL M CLIMATE EXTERNAL MANAGEMENT EXTERNAL MANAGEMENT INTERNA INTERNAL MANAGEMENT COMPLIA COMPLIANCE PROCUREMENT AND PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTS DESIGNING AND BUILDING IT WHE WHERE PEOPLE LIVE CONTEXT ACC CONTEXT ACCESS FOR ALL BEING ACCESS FOR ALL BEING SAFE CLIM SSQ UK Ltd 301 Elveden Road Park Royal London NW10 7SS Company Contact details T +44 (0)20 8961 7725 F +44 (0)20 8965 7013 E For easy booking visit CPD Contact details Kristine Mladenova T +44 (0)20 8961 7725 E Regions covered UK, Ireland, International (if required) rps no: 6976

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