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One month after the Integrated Ports Management System (IPMS) went live at the Port of
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Port of Durban Monitor Issue 4 - Aug 2015 Edition

Please find herewith for your general information, the latest Port of Durban monthly newsletter, sent on behalf of the Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi, and Port Corporate Affairs Manager, Ayanda Mantshongo. Please feel free to share this within your own networks. Read more
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Port of Durban Monitor Issue 4 - Aug 2015 Edition

  • 1. PORT OF DURBAN MONITORISSUE 04 AUGUST 2015 EXTERNAL NEWSLETTER Maydon Wharf Berth Reconstruction on Track The reconstruction of the six berths at Maydon Wharf is progressing well despite numerous challenges. Achievements to date include Berth 1 physical construction and dredging both 75% complete, Berth 2 physical construction 56.16% and dredging 45% complete, Berth 13 physical construction 59% and Berth 14 physical construction 36,35% complete. Recovery plans were implemented to make up for the month-long suspension of dredging activities as a result of a vegetable oil spill that occurred in March 2015, as well as other delays such as unforeseen obstructions at Berths 1, 2 and 13, to ensure berths are completed in line with stakeholder requirements. Berth 107 Called to Draught Berth 107 has been called to the permissible draught of 12.2m. “While we celebrate this achievement, we are cognisant of the inconvenience that the unplanned dredging exercise has imposed on shipping and thank our customers for displaying patience,” said Durban Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi. “We are also making progress on procuring the services of a hired dredger for the Port of Durban. The request for proposals closed on 26 August and we intend to award the tender to the successful bidder by early October 2015,” he added. TNPA continues to dredge the berth pockets using the Impisi plough tug, while the Italeni dredger undergoes compulsory planned maintenance until end-September 2015. Caisson Repair Underway TNPA has adjusted the project schedule for its caisson repair project at the Durban Dry Dock and is working to minimise any further impact on the ship repair industry. This follows an unforeseen 18-day delay on routine repairs to the AFRICA MERCY vessel which were being carried out by Dormac Marine and Engineering. The vessel was due to leave the dock on 31 July but Dormac discovered parts for its shaft that had to be sourced from overseas. AFRICA MERCY finally sailed on 18 August and TNPA’s contractor took full occupation of the dock on 19 August. The facility will now be non- operational for two months from 19 August to 20 October instead of the original planned shutdown over August and September. The expected completion date of the caisson repair project has also shifted by two-and-a half weeks from November to mid-December.
  • 2. IPMS PROGRESS One month after the Integrated Ports Management System (IPMS) went live at the Port of Durban 225 vessel calls have been managed via the system – 36 bunkers, 174 cargo working vessels, five lay-up, seven repairs and three transhipments. Port of Durban users registered on the system include 261 internal users and 177 external users (37 of 68 targeted agencies and 140 agents). Following its successful launch in the Port of Durban, IPMS has since gone live at the Ports of Cape Town and Saldanha. The system is not yet being fully utilised for processing transactions and manual processing is still running parallel during this early stage of the changeover. As a norm with a new system there are teething problems that are resolved as and when encountered. The IPMS team is providing functional and technical support to users continuously to ensure optimum system usage. The KZN Region Strategic Business Forum on 27 August 2015, opened by CE, Mr Richard Vallihu, reaffirmed TNPA’s determination to digitise South Africa’s ports and change the port landscape in Africa, with a view to delivering optimal, affordable services to customers. Achievements highlighted included the successful launch of the first phase of the IPMS, which ultimately will offer end to end visibility of the entire logistics chain. TOPS (Terminal Operational Performance Standards)/MOPS (Marine)/ROPS (Rail) and HOPS (Haulier) are being integrated into the Operations Centres. Transnet’s Market Demand Strategy (MDS) projects were also under the spotlight as Mr Vallihu announced that TNPA had concluded an agreement with relevant government departments for the leasing of land required for the Salisbury Island Infill Project, intended to expand Pier 1. The new Ilembe dredger will be commissioned in December 2015. Forum Brings Customers up to Date on Strategic Projects Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi, and Gary Young, Property Manager. Bridget Bishenden, Sapref Legal Manager posing a question to the TNPA panel on the Island View precinct strategy. CE, Richard Vallihu, setting the scene during his welcome address.

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