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The Prince Edward Graving Dry Dock is undergoing a R30 million repair project on ...
The Port of Durban welcomed the ro-ro vessel MV Thalatta on its maiden voyage to t...
The BAT Centre - the arts and cultural centre in the Port of Durban - is
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Port of Durban Monitor Issue 3 - July 2015 Edition

New Letter
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Port of Durban Monitor Issue 3 - July 2015 Edition

  • 1. 'IRANSNEF W . _ delivering freight reliably notional ports -- ' . authority ex :2 ii PORT OF DURBAN ISSUE 03 JULY2015 EXTERNAL NEWSLETTER M O N I T O R IPMS SYSTEM GOES LIVE ‘IRANSNEF "“‘”‘5‘”“ IPM 'R‘~N5”E' At the launch ofTransnet National Ports Authority's new Integrated Port Management System (IPMS) at the Durban ICC on 28 July were TNPA representatives (left to right): Moshe Motlohi (Port Manager: Port of Durban): David Goliath (Senior Operations Manager: Ngqura): Mmutle Lentle (Chief information Officer); Phumla Ndwandwe (Project Manager); Captain Rufus Lekala (Chief Harbour Master): with Kevin Paul (MD of Nambiti Technologies) and Kiran Kolli (Director of Navayuga lnfoTech, lndia). The Port of Durban celebrated the successful launch of Transnet National Ports Authority's new web-based Integrated Port Management System (IPMS) when the crude oil tanker Colorado — was brought in on 26 July 2015. The IPMS system, which is being piloted at the Port of Durban, is a groundbreaking initiative in thatfor the first time in the world a system such as this is being integrated across multiple ports on a single platform. TNPA Chief Executive, Richard Vallihu, said: "This online system will help transform our ocean gateways into smartPORTs by using advanced information technology that will make them more intelligent and sustainable, while conserving resources, time, space and energy. " The system replaces manual processes, with key port operations now automated, online and in real time. IPMS is integrated with global systems such as Lloyds Register, AIS (for vessel traffic management), IPOSS (for weather), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and . NYATHOLAKALA SAP (for business operations, customer relations and finance). IPMS will also link to 1 Transnet Freight Rails Integrated Train Plan (ITP) and Train Execution Management IPMS = Sma”PORT System (TEMS). ' ""“"" Developed by Nambiti Technologies, a South African company, in collaboration with their international partners Navayuga lnfotech, a company based in India, the IPMS is a strate- gic project that aims to support the broader objectives of the Transnet Market Demand Strategy (MDS) in terms of efficiency and productivity. -I. -nun. . l.IlIIk/
  • 2. DRY DOCK SET FOR R30 MILLION REPAIR JOB The Prince Edward Graving Dry Dock is undergoing a R30 million repair project on its outer caisson over the next four months. This is the third and final phase of a comprehensive repair programme on the structure, which was deemed unsafe and in need of repair due to the age of the 90 year old dry dock and a general need for maintenance. Durban-based engineering firm Channel Construction was named the successful bidder after a competitive tender process. Channel Construction will work closely with managing contractor, Sebata Group, which is overseeing the project, with technical expertise and quality assurance provided by a team including KwaZulu-Natal's only naval architecture firm, Naval Africa. Durban Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi said: “The contractor's preferred method required a four month non-operational period of the dry dock. However TNPA has implemented a contingency plan in consultation with the project management team to reduce this period to two months in order to minimise the impact on industry. " The repair project is expected to run from July to November 2015, with the non-operational period occurring over August and September. Channel Construction will work 24 hour shifts with the majority of the work to be carried out offsite at the contractor's Bayhead workshop. The repair work is due to be completed and commissioned in November when there is a vessel scheduled to depart from the dry dock. Gary Pulford of SA Association of Ship Builder and Repairers, SAASOA's Peter Besnard, Channel Constructions Firdaus Razak, Martin Cloete (Project Manager) and Mohamed Razak (Managing Director) and Port Manager Moshe Motlohi at the stakeholder engagement session ‘ The 35 metre long, 900 ton outer caisson at the Prince Edward Graving dock DREDGER DEDICATED TO DURBAN GETS APPROVAL Progress has been made in finding an immediate solution for the Port of Durban's berth draught issues, with TNPA recently receiving Transnet approval to build a new grab hopper dredger and to hire one that will be dedicated to Durban. Ecstatic over these developments, Durban Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi said: ”This approval indicates the urgency that is being applied to address the situation. These two dredgers will enhance the dredging capacity needed to maintain the permissible draught of our berths. considering the increased frequency ofdredging that is now required. " Dredging Services is treating the symptoms ofa problem caused by larger vessels now calling at the Port of Durban. These vesseIs'propul- sions cause a build-up ofsand and rocks alongside the berths, creating a need for more frequent dredging. The requirement for dredging in the berth pockets increases from a frequency of 3-6 months to every two weeks. In June 2015 the grab hopper dredger, Italeni, was deployed from the national dredging plan to remain in Durban to dredge more frequently. “An update on our dredging programme is communicated on a weekly basis to our stakeholders, members of the SA Association of Ship Operators and Agents. This is to provide them with the comfort ofknawing that we are continuously ensuring that dredging continues and that our part remains safe for operations, " said Motlohi.
  • 3. MV THALATTA ON MAIDEN VOYAGE TO DURBAN The Port of Durban welcomed the ro-ro vessel MV Thalatta on its maiden voyage to the port on 6 July 2015. Thalatta is the second of four Post-Panamax vessels tojoin the fleet of rolling cargo shipping line Wilh. Wilhelmsen in 2015. The vessel was built in Mokpo, South Korea and measures almost 200 metres long, 36.5 metres wide, features five liftable car decks and can transport up to 8,000 standard car units. Ro-ro ships are those which transport cargo that can be rolled on and off, such as cars and other vehicles, while Post-Panamax refers to the new standard vessel size based on the width of new locks beigg built at tile Panama Canal. —. F :53 ‘-. ‘. * . ... ... ... . § ‘( T’ . . r ”" " x —-——__g- , r': - '. _ I _ _ _ __ _ IL 1} ' T - ' -I .1 - »_: . — ' EA: '4 ' " 1 '7' [I “~ r 1 T :9 ‘T ‘ . / ‘ A: j . I ~. it 4 t‘ I 1 l V Aiiu, -I ‘iii= .~. ‘ni= Ill, Ir= .:u‘hn‘I"mlV/ ‘liisllaiiiafilaiiiu-xiii ‘ / ’ LYA}: .i= i‘l= n, F -. I1n. AIk= x- Mlkyet, w= IlumnI= s: __ I, L:| plhflnDlenvlallliiler-Cilelllimli “I-I ‘Iii? ‘xonii n'I' ! lI. |I_‘Ir, Ini ‘ ‘ Ill! “ I"ur‘i sir“Du| Ih= |Ir-w= li(u| ||= :df‘Iii: llHlIr‘Vl: L$1=II MIV/ ‘Iinlhiih-olnulta Illafliiuur ‘v1uv/1=, |;L= - ‘hi ‘iilaplolii IIII : l . lI. I|'/ ;«I_i: :. -fr t ‘S -4 . .Q _ 7"}: P g i ‘ --’fi"; _J' ‘ ll _. _ . :‘ ‘ . 7 ~. -4 c: —‘lT( .2 s -I 1 " - l4Il“-- 1-Tv . .. - r —, ,‘j. . , ‘ T lj—; “|| ll. *; : MI I. .
  • 4. BAT CENTRE REFURBISHMENT PROJECT KICKS OFF The BAT Centre - the arts and cultural centre in the Port of Durban - is undergoing a four-month refurbishment project including upgrades to areas such as the Restaurant, Sipho Gumede Hall, Visual Art Studio, Menzi Mchunu Gallery, the reception area and offices. "This project covers urgent and essential remedial work that will see minor disruptions to some ofthe BAT Centre's service offerings, while we work to ensure the continued safety of the building, " said Port Manager, Moshe Motlohi. Alvin Anderson, BAT Centre publicity coordinator, said the project was welcomed. 1 . _A'__; . Civil and structural work will include repairing the roof, wall defects and staircases, while fire and electrical systems will also be upgraded. Repairs are to be carried out in various phases to minimise disruptions to BAT Centre activities and the impact on tenants, who include various artists in residency. TNPA is still assessing requirements ahead of the proposed total revamp. MAYDON WHARF BERTH CONSTRUCTION UPDATE The reconstruction of the six berths at Maydon Wharf is progressing well with 34% of the overall physical work completed. Dredging and scour is at 8%. Project achievements are: 175 anchor piles out of a total of 405 have been installed successfully Successful pull-out test of anchor piles First cope beam cast (lower and upper pour) at Berth 1 Start of cope beam pour at Berth 13 Completion of driving King (HZ) piles at Berth 1,2,13 £1 14 (288 = total number driven) Arrival of 40 Number rubber super cone fenders from abroad (panels still to be received) If you would like to submit feedback or contribute to Port of Durban Monitor, please email Ayanda. Mantshongo@transnet. net

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