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Press release for online training

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press release for online training

  • 1. Contact: Dave Summers Tel: 01495-220952 Mobile: 07980-268569 Email: HERE IS A METHOD OF GAINING RECOGNISED FOOD HYGIENE QUALIFICATIONS AT HOME. Accredited Food Safety Courses, For People Who Cannot Attend A Training Course, Has Always Been Overlooked....Until Now. Staff working in the catering industry such as food handlers, chefs, supervisors, managers, business owners and food hygiene trainers have usually had to attend a training course to obtain a recognised food safety qualification. This results in time off work, finding staff to cover absence and loss of quality output if key staff are on the course. Many companies offer food safety courses online, but not leading to an accredited qualification which is recognised by industry, environmental health departments and educational bodies. There are three main qualification levels in food safety in the UK. Level 2 is designed for anyone working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled. Level 3 is for managers, supervisors and chefs in medium and large manufacturing or catering businesses. Level 4 is for managers, supervisors, senior hygiene personnel, business owners and food hygiene trainers. Dave Summers has been providing food safety training for over 15 years under the company name of DSI. Courses include levels 2, 3 and 4 food safety, together with level 3 haccp training. Since 2008 DSI has been offering online training in food safety. They offer the same levels as the delivered courses. All online courses lead to certificates accredited by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC). The qualifications are recognised by Ofqual, DCELLS, CCEA and SQA. The qualifications are part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). QCF is the new framework for creating and accrediting qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will give a wider range of learners the opportunity to get the qualifications they need, in a way that suits them. QCF qualifications are designed with the help of employers so learners can be assured that they're gaining skills that employers are looking for.
  • 2. The QCF: • recognises smaller steps of learning and enables learners to build up qualifications bit by bit • helps learners achieve skills and qualifications that meet industry needs • enables work-based training to be nationally recognised. As the qualifications are recognised under the QCF they attract funding. Qualifications within the QCF will be confirmed for funding for one or more of the Agency’s delivery programmes (Adult Learner Responsive provision, Offender Learning and Skills Service, Train to Gain, and Programmes for the Unemployed) DSI is the only company in the UK to offer this type of online food hygiene training leading to recognised qualifications. Qualifications offered include:  Level 2 award in food safety in catering/retail/manufacturing  Level 3 award in supervising food safety in catering/retail/manufacturing  Level 4 award in managing food safety in catering/manufacturing.  Level 2 award in health and safety in the workplace There are no time constraints with the courses; they can be studied in line with the delegate’s commitments. The exams can be taken at the delegate’s location, even in their own home, providing it meets the criteria set out by the HABC. The exam must be supervised by a responsible person, which the delegate can nominate. Benefits of studying online include:  Lower costs  Avoiding adverse weather conditions  No sitting in a training room  Choosing when to study  No travelling for course or examination  Flexibility on completion of course  Choosing when to sit the examination  No need to take time off from work to study  Full access to tutor before, during and after course The HABC offer exam marking and certification within 10 days, far quicker than any other awarding body. Full details can be found at For recognised food safety qualifications delegates should give these online courses a try they’ll be glad they did.

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