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Press Release. New Success DNA

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. 302682 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Author Shares How Science and Spirituality Can Be Fused for Success “New Success DNA” answers questions on the existence of success DNA and how it can be used to achieve success SOUTH AFRICA – (Release Date TBD) – Success is a relative concept with a plethora of meanings tagged to it. Some people think success has something to do with amassing wealth while others equate it with more intangible things such as finding true happiness. Regardless of what success stands for, many, if not all, people dream of attaining it. In her book, New Success DNA, author Brenda Hattingh sheds light on the revolutionary concept of success DNA and how it can be used in one’s journey towards success. According to Hattingh, humans are hardwired for success but the specific definition of this concept varies from one person to another. Currently, new values and a whole new level of consciousness are emerging and all these changes necessitate new strategies if people want to keep moving forward. The author illustrates how science, fact and spirituality can be fused by discussing the existence of a new, emerging human DNA. What once were believed to be “junk genes” are actually biological material that entails higher spiritual and personal potential. The book not only explains what this new success DNA is but also details how it can be harnessed in order to create a life of success. Innovative and inspiring, New Success DNA opens an opportunity for self-discovery and will help readers navigate their way towards finding lasting fulfilment in their lives. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to www.XlibrisPublishing.co.uk. About the Author Dr. Brenda Hattingh was born and raised in South Africa. As a professional leadership coach and mentor and a registered psychologist, she facilitates change and transformation in individuals, businesses, companies and organisations. She uses her experience and skills to tap personal and organisational potential in order to develop new and innovative strategies. She is also an international inspirational speaker and presents workshops nationally and internationally, lectures at universities and has published various books. She is the recipient of various awards, including the prestigious “Professional Business Woman of the Year Award”. New Success DNA * by Brenda Hattingh. Ph.D. What you should know and how to activate it Publication Date: Nov 2012 Contact: Marketing Services +0800-644-6988 MarketingServices@XlibrisPublishing.co.uk Victory Way, Admirals Park Crossways, Dartford, DA2 6QD, United Kingdom

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