Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in 1928, the framers of theConstitution sought "to protect Americans in ...
You may be a victim of electronic harassment if:<br><br>* You experience burning sensations on your skin or internal organ...
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance
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Prevention and detection of electronic harassment and surveillance (pdehs)

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Prevention and detection of electronic harassment and surveillance (pdehs)

  • 1. Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in 1928, the framers of theConstitution sought "to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, theiremotions, and their sensations." It is for this reason that they established, asagainst the government, the right to be let alone as "the most comprehensive ofrights and the right most valued by civilized men.<br><br>Millions of people across this country and the globe are being targeted in variousways by a growing number of covert harassment groups. Citizens are being watched,tracked, monitored and tortured; their private lives invaded, ruined, and many keptin virtual isolation from friends and family.<br><br>Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment and Surveillance (PDEHS) wasformed to address these atrocities and seek justice for those who are victims ofharassment group activities which stem from corrupt elements of the US militaryintelligence and the US investigative agencies, certain defense contractors,corporations, as well as individuals and teams of private citizens.<br><br>The CIA MKULTRA hearings which were held in the 70s revealed the existence ofsecret mind control experimentation programs being conducted by the government.After the hearings, the CIA officially abandoned these programs. However, many arereporting a variety of effects and abuses consistent with the findings of theChurch Committee investigation regarding the privacy abuses conducted by the CIA,FBI, and NSA at that time. And nowadays, because of the secrecy and lack ofcongressional oversight during the intervening decades, the research anddevelopment of mind control and surveillance technology have advanced far beyondwhat most Americans would imagine. <br><br>List of Associated Harassment Activities: <br><br>You may be a victim of Organized Stalking if:<br><br>* You sense you are being watched and followed everywhere you go.<br><br>* You notice consistently rude behavior from people you dont know for no apparentreason.<br><br>* You hear excerpts from conversations you had in the privacy of your home comingfrom people around you.<br><br>* You feel that those around you have access to your thoughts.<br><br>* Your relationships and friendships all become distant or strained for no apparentreason.<br><br>* You have problems on the job where groups of people are plotting to have youterminated.<br><br>* Your business deals consistently fall through for no apparent reason.<br><br>* You experience vandalism on a regular basis.<br><br>* You notice that your things are not in the same place you left them when you lefthome or some small items may be missing.<br><br>* You experience frequent car repairs.<br><br>* You experience frequent appliance or electronic malfunctions.<br><br>
  • 2. You may be a victim of electronic harassment if:<br><br>* You experience burning sensations on your skin or internal organs.<br>* You feel pin pricks on various parts of your body.<br>* You feel some type of energy moving inside your body.<br>* You experience extreme head pains.<br>* You feel drop-in-your-tracks fatigue on a regular basis.<br>* You continually have difficulty sleeping.<br>* You experience forced speech.<br>* You experience uncontrolled-by-you movements of limbs or other body parts.<br>* You hear the voices of other people inside your mind with no other signs ofmental illness<br><br>If a significant number of items on these lists are happening to you, then you maybe a victim of organized stalking or electronic harassment. Please visit the Whatto Do page of this website for more information.<br><br>*1) Remote Neural Monitoring: Civil Action by John St. Clair Akwei<br>*2) Remote Behavioral Influencing Technology by John McMurtrey, M.A. <br>*3) Bio-electromagnetic Weapons by Harlan Girard, Managing Director, InternationalCommittee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW)<br><br>About Us<br><br>PDEHS is a conference call group that began February 26, 2005. We presently havemembers in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, South America, India, China,and Australia.<br><br>We are advocates of social change through peaceful means only. We do not now norwill we ever condone any type of violence in our struggle for freedom. <br><br>We meet at conference calls throughout the week for purposes of support,networking, and advocacy. Times and call-in information are listed on the"Conference Calls and Contacts" page at this site. It is our goal to bringawareness to local and state officials, Congress, the media, and the general publicof harassment group activities, mostly consisting of organized stalking andelectromagnetic torture, so that laws will be passed and other measures taken tofree those entrapped in what is known to us as "the secret holocaust."<br><br>Mission Statement<br><br>Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment and Surveillance (PDEHS) is ahuman rights organization that is established to identify and network with victimsof crime; to educate society about public safety issues; to advocate for theprotection of American citizens from criminal elements. FFCHS will endeavor toprovide supportive services and promote self-help avenues to American citizens whoare victims of poverty, unemployment, homelessness and various crimes, includingdomestic violence, vandalism, and organized stalking. We will also be networkingnationwide with other public benefit and charitable organizations, as well ashealth and community development agencies at city, state and federal levels. Theultimate goal of FFCHS is to diligently promote the care and well-being for victimsof stalking crimes who have few resources or avenues for a safeenvironment.<br><br>All Credits for This Article go to:<br>
  • 3. Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

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