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Press Release - UK CAA Approval

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release - UK CAA Approval

  • 1.                                                              PRESS RELEASE UK CAA Approved Training Provider – Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training ASCG (Active Solutions Consulting Group) is pleased to announce that their newly formed training division Active Plane Training has been awarded full approval to issue an Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew training to all delegates who successfully complete their programme of initial training. This stamp of approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority recognises the Company as per the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency OPS 1. Active Plane Training & Consultancy Ltd was set up as a joint venture between ASCG and Plane Training in preparation for submission of all the required manuals and training materials to the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. This formed the initial basis for the approval of their training services. Subsequent stringent checks included auditing by CAA inspectors of the delivery of cabin crew training programmes and the Company’s procedures and processes. The Company is already in discussions with various airlines in the UK and Europe about how their training award can be used to complement in-house training programmes, which will enable airlines to gain various business benefits through the utilisation and acceptance of the Attestation. Amongst other benefits, this includes business opportunities in utilising the Attestation as a means of progressing new cabin crew directly onto conversion courses. Individuals wishing to attend courses will find that the Company has approved training facilities at various locations in the UK. Active Plane Training is managed by a group of experienced airline training professionals who have over 30 years experience in working with airlines around the world in the provision of third party training solutions for cabin crew and flight crew. This latest training service was created as a result of the introduction throughout Europe of OPS 1, where for the first time ever, common European wide legislation recognises training providers as a source for the awarding Cabin Crew qualifications at Initial Training level. Commenting on the achievement, Donahue Cortes, CEO for ASCG stated that “this award marked a significant moment for the company as a clear statement of our capabilities and resources to meet stringent standards set by the UK CAA under their powers bestowed through EASA”. Sarah Skelton, Director of Training for the Company said “We are very proud to be the first independent training provider in the UK to receive this approval. Our team of highly professional people have demonstrated their capabilities as training professionals with exceptional enthusiasm and drive that have enabled us to set the high standards expected by our Authority”. Active Plane Training’s Cabin Crew Initial Course, covers all relevant requirements, as per EU OPS 1, during a nine day training programme. The course, now available to both operators and individuals, will initially be running at Training Centres at London Gatwick Airport and East Midlands Airport. This Attestation would be recognised by operators who would then only need to train these individuals on a conversion course prior to starting their flying careers. By Spring 2010 the company will be opening training facilities further afield and is planning on the development of the course to include E-Learning options that will drive further efficiency and enhanced deliverables.
  • 2.                                                              About the Attestation The Attestation of Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training is recognised in all Member States as satisfactory evidence of completion of cabin crew initial training. It is not necessary to re- issue the document when working in another Member State, and subject to any specific Authority requirements, the Attestation is transferable to other countries. The Cabin Crew Attestation of Initial Training resulted when Regulation (EEC) No. 3922/91 Annex III (EU-OPS) came into force on 16 July 2008. On that date, all aeroplanes operating for the purpose of commercial air transportation had to comply with the requirements of EU-OPS. EU-OPS contains several requirements which affect cabin crew which were previously not contained in JAR-OPS 1. In particular OPS 1.995(c) states that: ‘An operator shall ensure that each cabin crew member has successfully completed initial training in accordance with OPS 1.1005 and holds an attestation of safety training.’

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