Bay Tek’s NASCAR-licensed Showdown brings theexcitement of the #1 Spectator Sport to coin-op!Pick your player station, coi...
Slotless Track • Offers ful...
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Nascar Showdown

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nascar Showdown

  • 1. Bay Tek’s NASCAR-licensed Showdown brings theexcitement of the #1 Spectator Sport to coin-op!Pick your player station, coin-up, and race against three othersor against the game. First car to get a set number of lapsaround the track wins!This game is incredibly fun for all ages with itsthree skill levels - Rookie, Pro, and Veteran,plus its loaded with tons of featuresmaking this a true attraction piece.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: 965 LBS. | Shipping Weight: 1440 LBS.Dimensions: 100”W x 63”D x 90”H
  • 2. Slotless Track • Offers full maneuverability New & Improved Track Power • Induction Coil provides continuous power to cars • No Contacts Required! No Batteries Required! ABS Plastic Track Surface • No Track Cleaning Required! • Provides Great Traction • Provides Extreme DurabilityNASCAR License - Brand Power • #1 Sport in Fan Brand Loyalty • #1 Spectator Sport • #2 Rated Regular Season Sport on TV • Televised weekly in more than 150 Countries in 20 Languages20 Industry Sponsors NASCAR New Stock Car Body • Brand Power seen on all four cars, • Brand recognition and authenticity track walls and cabinet Color Molded Bodies with DecalsCamera & Image Processing Technology • No paint required, no chipping or rubbing • Accurate car detection and control UV Spot Coating • Drones adjust to skill of players racing, • Cars are protected and offer polished look providing more competitive dronesMagnetic Controls on Steering Wheels & Throttles • Replaces potentiometers, making them long lasting and durable • Provides automatic calibrationComputer System • No dipswitches - Set up with a click of the mouse • Allows for easy trouble shooting and diagnostics tests Three Levels of Player Control • Easy Operator Menu to set game up in minutes • Offers play value for any skill level player:Dual Monitors Rookie, Pro, and Veteran • Keeps track of players stats: 5:1 Sound Laps, Lap Speed, and Running Order • Quality sound that enhances sound effects • Animated game announcer to enhance game play and player experience • Six NASCAR attract videos to entice One to Four Players and entertain players • Drone cars will race against coined up playersModular Cabinet Design • 3-Section design to allow the game to fit through a standard three foot door NASCAR® is a registered trademark of NASCAR, Inc. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series word mark & logo are trademarks of NASCAR, Inc.and Sprint. GOODYEAR (and wing foot design) EAGLE, BLIMP are trademarks of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio USA used under license by Bay Tek Games.

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