Dischromatics Announces that their Expansion Plans are on Schedule.With the problems of today’s world financial crisis, ma...
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Press release for expansion 040711

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release for expansion 040711

  • 1. Dischromatics Announces that their Expansion Plans are on Schedule.With the problems of today’s world financial crisis, many companies are holding back, sheddingtheir workforce and delaying investment. However CD, DVD and Blu-ray Replication Company Dischromatics is powering ahead with confidence.Unfortunately, we continue to hear bad news about the economy, unemployment and stalled investment in the UKand beyond. Dischromatics views have always been different to the scaremongers who advocate constraint andbelt tightening. Dischromatics was established in 1989 and has seen a number of these periods of financialdifficulty. Naturally they have ensured that there is a continuing programme of waste reduction and theelimination of paper systems is one such goal. The continued investment in new equipment like telecoms willincrease efficiencies and they will continue to search out new innovative people to maintain the edge.By building long term partnerships with quality manufacturers of CD Replication, DVD Replication and Blu-rayReplication, Dischromatics has steered away from the temptation to buy cheap Replicated CD, DVD and Blu-rayproduct in the open market, preferring to uphold their policy of supplying only top quality Optical discs. Havingthen established a reputation for quality and competitiveness, along with much sought after friendly and efficientcustomer service and after sales services, they have been able to maintain long term and excellent relationshipswith their customers.With accreditations to ISO 9001:2008 Quality and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental certification, Dischromatics isfully equipped to service their customer’s needs, this company is fully prepared for the future. Shortly they will belaunching a new web to print website, this will cover low volume digital printing for all business stationery andmany other items with templates and the ability of customers to upload data and their own specifications.Already Dischromatics uses variable data printing for direct mail marketing from their digital printing departmentand indeed their own packaging for in house CD Duplication and DVD Duplication and printing. In the nearfuture, a new creative brand will be launched which will include already available DVD Authoring and GraphicDesign.The new digital age will be fully embraced with the ability to provide bespoke apps for customers. Filming,authoring and mastering for events, presentations and so on, even weddings could be covered with the ability toprovide a more professional product than these types of events are used to. They will be able to produce shortprofessional adverts for companies wanting to add to their websites, YouTube or for any other purpose.Dischromatics now works closely with local universities and their talented graduates and undergraduates, togetherthey will be pushing the boundaries of this new digital age to achieve new services and come up with innovativehigh quality and unusual products. They have maintained their investment in new state of the art equipment whichincludes authoring software, film equipment, graphic design and computing equipment and software. Now with agraduate level management structure and with an average age in their early thirties, the future for Dischromaticslooks set to confidently extend into the future.However, with so many good things happening for Dischromatics, they must remain committed to the businessphilosophy which has always been their hallmark, of quality of service as well as quality of product. As Sales andMarketing Manager Alex Spencer says “We are always honest with our customers, we know that something willgo wrong at some time in the future, we actually tell them that at the outset, but we also tell them that they willsee the true quality of our customer service and care by the efficient and positive way we deal with it”.For more information please go to:http://www.dischromatics.co.ukhttp://www.dischromatics.co.uk/cd-duplication/http://www.dischromatics.co.uk/replication/

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