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Natural instincts natural - do not let back pain diminish your quality of life

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natural instincts natural - do not let back pain diminish your quality of life

  • 1. Natural Instincts NaturalInstinctsAndYou.comNatural Instincts Page 1Do Not Let Back Pain Diminish Your Quality Of LifeWhen pain strikes many people have a knee-jerk reaction to quickly reach for pain pills. They want a solutionand they want it immediately, because life is busy and there is no time to be distracted. Unfortunately, thisapproach merely masks the problem, allowing the cause of the pain to continue. If left to its own devices, thesource of discomfort often escalates until it is something that affects a person?s quality of life. A perfectexample of this is back pain in Chicago. When someone?s back hurts, it makes it hard to sit for long periodsof time at work, difficult to play with the kids, and near impossible to do the bending required to garden inthe backyard. Instead of just alleviating the pain, people need to deal with the source of the pain, a processthat takes expert help and a hearty dose of participation.There is a wide range of approaches to dealing with . Some people who want quick relief from pain will go toa chiropractor whenever they are feeling poorly, get a quick adjustment, and then be on their way. In thesame strain as taking pain pills, this really does not solve the root of the problem. With most cases of backpain, the root of the pain lies generally in one of two areas: an injury that was never properly treated, or asustained activity that stresses the muscles of the back, like poor posture while studying, regularly liftingheavy weights with improper technique, or even something as simple as a repeated motion always done onone side of the body at work. An expert will first diagnose the source of the pain. Then the real work begins.Once the source of discomfort comes to light, there are still decisions to be made. A person may choose tosee a chiropractor for regular adjustments, but some find this method of pulling and jerking uncomfortableand find that it builds a dependency on the chiropractor in the long run. A more sustainable method wouldpair chiropractic care with physical therapy and strength training. The physical therapy would address theneeds of the specific area in pain, while the strength training would prepare your body to withstand thepressures of daily activities.The phrase ?strength training? may sound like an arduous and unpleasant task, but exercise aficionadoshave gone to great lengths to provide a wide variety of exercising environments to fit anyone?s exercisetaste. Belly dancing, ?flirty girl dancing? and Zumba appeal to the gals that just want to have a dance partyafter a long day, while Tai Chi, yoga, and Pilates may appeal to people with great stress in their lives whowant to calm things down. Whatever someone?s style or exercise personality, there is a type of strengthtraining available to fit their needs. By incorporating one or more of these activities into their routines, peoplewith back pain can build up their core muscles, which can keep their backs from tensing up and gettingthrown out of sync.There are quick fixes that entice people with to take the easy road. However, for someone who wants a long-term solution, experts and solutions stand at the ready to break the dependency on the pills and movepeople forward past the pain.Document Tags: physical therapists, joint pain, massage therapy, back pain

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